Say YES to Online Learning

What is the hype with online learning? The wealth of opportunities presented by this new mode of learning win the smiles of working professionals. Wondering if online learning is right for you? You’ll reconsider once you have read this!

Better than traditional learning

study carried out by United States Department of Education found that people learn better online than in a class. The study found that students exposed to online study materials performed moderately better than the comparison group. This is unsurprising as online courses provides one-to-one learning environment and the transmitted lecture and study notes can be retained for repeated reference.

Less time investment needed

A working professional on a 9 to 5 job will benefit most from online learning courses thanks to the curriculum model. Designed to be lean and short, the learning hours is the biggest privilege exclusive to online courses. As the learning experience is no longer restricted by schedule conflicts, smooth transition from work to study is foreseeable.

Convenience and flexibility

Good work life balance is essential to professionals, and online learning work in unison to maintain the harmony. Getting started with online classes is as easy as tuning into Netflix because all you need is a PC. Whether you prefer to do it at home or enjoy coffee at your favourite hangout spot, online learning can accommodate your lifestyle. The comfort of learning at your fingertips allow one to be their own bosses in study planning.

Lower costs

Online learning is an affordable option as it eliminates costs associated with traditional learning such as textbooks and commuting costs. The study materials provided for online learning are usually free yet concise to enable self-study. Hence, the paid price covers all essentials for access to a vault of knowledge and skills. To help you save even further, all courses offered by Simplilearn are even HRDF claimable. Now you can save up to do more for less.

No commuting needed

Commute to work daily is exhausting, and your journey to classes should not be filled with road rage and frustration. Work may serve you Monday blues but online learning certainly won’t wear you down. The remote learning of online learning support candidates to learn independently at the comfort of your residence. Give your brain a break, and sign up for online courses instead!

We cannot promise if you won’t have Monday blues anymore, but we think you’ll love our wide variety of affordable courses! There’s something for everyone, so come check out some of our top Simplilearn: