Key Highlights about Google I/O 2018

It’s all about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this year’s Google IO. This year, Google along with Microsoft are banking further on AI with a slew of awesome and innovative solutions that help improve our working, learning, gaming and communicating capabilities. From highly advanced image recognition to better communication context reasoning, there is much to expect from this year’s Google IO.

Here are just some of the most interesting highlights that you should find beneficial to your daily routine.

Predictive Medical Events through AI

Imagine if you’d been diagnosed with a certain kind of illness, how would you know if you would be readmitted? Not even highly experienced specialists could make such predictions. Through Google’s quantitative AI prediction, it could achieve a highly accurate readmission prediction rate, allowing your doctors to react more quickly to your medical needs and administer treatments faster.

Just imagine cancer patients who was recently just treated, with Google’s predictive AI that analyses the patient’s diagnosis and medical history, it could warn the patient of potential relapsing and allow doctors to plan way ahead on how to react if necessary.

AI Powered YouTube Subtitles

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Have you ever seen recorded news or certain TV shows where you can’t easily discern who is saying what? Because there are multiple people trying to argue or screaming at each other? Google is introducing Looking to Listen, powered by Machine Learning that not only listens to the audio cue to clearly select the voice stream from each person in the video, but it also watches the video to understand who is saying what, and translate the said words into accurate subtitles. How cool is that?

AI Powered Photos App

Google will also utilize AI to power the next Photo’s app in Android, imagine if you have a very old monochrome photo that is very precious to you, your Photo’s app would suggest to automatically and accurately colorize your photo, making those memories even more precious. Or if you took a picture of a document, it can also then crop and correct the document into a readable PDF, all without any third party apps such as CamScanner or Office Lens.

Gmail Smart Compose, write emails the lazy way

You and I, we both share the same thing; we hate writing email replies. Gmail will soon be updated to include predictive autocompletion as seen above, dubbed Smart Compose; that not only assumes what you would say, but also understands the context of your message. Just by hitting your Tab button, you can reply your colleagues in 2 minutes.

Android P

The next Android is coming with a big update. Starting with new navigation design, new gestures, brand new App Drawer, better Notifications access and simplified Quick Settings. The new Android version is cleaner, faster and in many ways has ques from iPhone X. The beta is available soon so do take it for a spin if that’s your thing.

Google Lens

Lens isn’t new, but it’s going to be updated to introduce even more powerful features that make it seems like a whole new app. Soon, you could quickly tap around words on a menu, and Lens will tell you what exactly that food is, complete with a visual guide and an ingredient list. You can even select text from a book or menu and Lens will automatically turn them into editable text as seen above in real-time. Talk about making things super easy.

Maps with AR

Google knows that you’re pretty frustrated when walking around uncharted territories, places you’d never been to before. And now, it’s using AR to make things way easier for you. Rather than craning over your phone and hoping you’re walking in the same direction as the blue GPS dot, the camera can look at your surroundings and work it out for you. Soon, you’ll just need to hold up your phone, it will then overlay arrows and visuals ques to help you navigate with confidence to your desired location.

These are just some awesome things that were unveiled in Google IO 2018. We’ll update you guys with more cool new stuff as we digest them.