PRINCE2 Certification: Why Get One?

PRINCE2 Certification: Your Path to Excellence

Taking the helm of project managements at the workplace? Congratulations for being entrusted with more responsibilities at the workplace. Your efforts and talent have caught the attention of your superior.

To live up to bigger expectations and responsibilities, the run-of-the-mill management tactics may not suffice to handle the crescendo of tasks and workforce. You need PRINCE2 to stay on the top of your game. Revamped and suited for any managers in nearly all industries, learning and getting certified for PRINCE2 gives you an edge above the competition.

Excellent project management skills

Whether you are studying PRINCE2 at Foundation or Practitioner level, you will be exposed to project management standards applicable for management solutions. The methodology when applied correctly may not guarantee success, but it is expected to catapult the likelihood of success. The mastery of PRINCE2 offers greater control of resources, business management, and project risk control more effectively. PRINCE2 is NOT just suitable for project managers, as they are also ideal for:

  • Individuals seeking leading project management skills and greater employment prospects
  • Directors/executives (senior responsible owners) of projects
  • Organizations.

Better employability

The addition of PRINCE2 certification is a great resume asset to market your employability. The examination pits the candidate’s practical and theoretical knowledge against the rigorous framework of the methodology. This results in applied knowledge in problem solving and critical thinking. Arguably, the competency to tackle obstacles at workplace is a desired trait by most employers. Imagine having impressive work experience and complemented by a PRINCE2 certification, now you can play all the angles.

Higher salary package

Long term financial benefits also come with a PRINCE2 certification. Employees with a PRINCE2 Practitioner certification can earn up to USD80,000 approximately. In comparison to their peers without the qualification, there is 20% disparity which indicated the worth of proven competency. Novice project managers need not feel disappointed as PRINCE2 Foundation certification also can hold its own. To reach the desirable income bracket, one only needs to invest time to pass PRINCE2 Practitioner examination and you will conquer salary negotiation.

Global recognized qualification

PRINCE2 methodology is practiced throughout the world. As a result, there is a continuous demand for employees with PRINCE2 expertise. A single qualification obtained at your home country can allow you explore work opportunities abroad. As the method is generalized, you can harness your knowledge and skills to succeed elsewhere. If you have a lingering wanderlust, a PRINCE2 certification could likely be the golden ticket to help you land a job abroad.

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