Ace CompTIA Certification Exams

Working knowledge and practical use of software plus operation systems make up a compelling CompTIA examination. Professionals’ competency is levelled against the rigorous curriculum designed by Computing Technology Industry Association a.k.a CompTIA.

The examinations are divided to separate levels below:

CompTIA A+ Certification: Elementary foundation IT skills across multitude of device and operating systems

CompTIA Network+ Certification: Intermediate design, configure, manage and troubleshoot wired and wireless devices

CompTIA Security+ Certification: Advanced knowledge in IT network and operational security

Depending on your level of knowledge and skills, it is essential to understand and identify the ideal examination for your career progression.

Why Get CompTIA Certified?

According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for CompTIA certified employees are below:

CompTIA A+ CertificationRM41,000
CompTIA Network+ CertificationRM49,000
CompTIA Security+ CertificationRM53,000

As shown above, higher level of the certification is directly proportional to the increment of salary packages. Putting in hard work to ace the exam can be justified to be financially rewarding in the long run.

For instance, large enterprises such as HP, Dell, and Intel incorporated CompTIA A+ into their operations, having a CompTIA will help job seekers to fit into the mould. Evidently, the certification is a great CV asset to boost your employability.

How to ace CompTIA examinations?

Understand Exam Objectives

Knowing exam objectives for the Computing Technology Industry Association certifications is essential to plan your study plan. The exam objectives can be obtained to enable candidates to strategize their game plans. Each stage of exams varies with different values of domains to pass. To illustrate this, CompTIA A+ consists of 220-901 and 220-902.

Based on the table above, you can identify the key areas which contributes substantial passing grade to your examination. This is true for other level of the examinations.

Practice Makes Perfect

Sample examinations can be obtained for revision to avoid unforeseen circumstances. This is particularly useful for first time candidates to develop aptitude with the Computing Technology Industry Association exam format. Undertaking a practice exam would permit one to estimate the time required to answer the questions, hence the candidate can improve on time management. Continue to evaluate the exam results and revise for better scores.

Rest Well

Give yourself a break sporadically because a well-rested mind would likely retain information better than a weary one. You can reward yourself with a snack or short gaming sessions for entertainment. The key is to select the best activities that you enjoy while you prepare for the Computing Technology Industry Associationexams, as it may be a long challenging journey. When you possess motivations, it helps to keep you going during an uphill battle.

Get Professional Assistance

What is you understood the objectives, revised, and rested, but still unable to excel? The Computing Technology Industry Association examination can be taken again for a fee that raises eyebrows, but you can have a remarkably jaw-dropping outcome if you sign up for CompTIA courses. A tutor plus comprehensive study material can make a big difference between you and a passing grade. You’ll also be rewarded with peace of mind as you are tutored by professionals who aced the exams like you hope to be.

Sounds good, right?.