E-learning Trends to Watch Out For

Could online learning be the successor to the traditional learning? The notion may leave room for doubt, but the adaptation is knocking down the four wall of classrooms rapidly. Evidently, the global e-learning Market is accounted for USD $165.21 billion in 2015, and it is expected to peak at $275.10 billion by 2022. The upward growth would similarly witness more upcoming trends to jump on the cash cow bandwagon.

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E-learning Trends to Watch Out For - Info Trek

Virtual Reality

Electronic giants took the helm and introduced users to ground-breaking Virtual Reality products such as PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear VR. The bar will be raised once more as online learning providers will venture into new efforts to augment our idea of reality.

How can it be applied?

Scenarification: Learning content is digitized into potential scenarios to assist users in acclimatizing to their surroundings. The customizable VR a la arcade gaming unlocked greater potential in reducing workplace injuries. A vulnerable risk is notable for certain people in high occupational hazard and VR can help to foster acute sensory. For instance, the US military has incorporated VR into their military trainings to navigate cities.

Virtual reality classroom: Education in schools have begun to infuse these modern teaching resources to achieve meaningful learning outcomes. Classroom trips soon a remnant of distant past with VR as students can now embark on virtual trips without stepping out. More VR activities such as VR labs can also be introduced to help users develop pre-emptive hands-on experience in utilizing laboratory equipment and machinery.

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What does Tetris and Legend of Zelda have in common? Can video gaming be more than just a childhood hobby? Some may argue that we can learn problem solving skills from colourful tiles and castle-hopping elf. Work tasks and concepts are overlaid on the learning content in hopes that players will replicate their gaming behaviour in real life.

How can it be applied?

Education achievement system: Gaming provides an avenue for stress relief when players feel rewarded for overcoming challenges. By linking the catharsis-like effect and study motivation, users can be led to commit themselves in studying to overcome novel study chapters disguised as challenges. Duolingo employed this strategy to drive the users to learn foreign languages.


A series of short tasks assembled as a nugget issued to users for completion within minutes. This simple mechanism acts as an excellent refresher course to juggle memories and foster better information retention. In contrast with other online learning platforms, microlearning tasks is typically supported on various devices.

How can it be applied?

Corporate microlearning: Tackling employee welfare to boost their productivity and well-being can be a tricky path to maneuver. This is where microlearning comes in to develop continuity in meeting HR goals. Information transmitted during training is tested with microlearning platform such as Axonify. US grocery powerhouse Walmart employed this tactic to create workplace safety culture through a microlearning programme for employees.

Intelligent Assistant/Chatbot

Want a study buddy to assist you? A chatbot would be the answer to your prayers. Having a chatbot greeting you, like Siri on your iPhone, would help to deliver online learning courses efficiently. The simulated learning environment would employ the chatbot as tutor to guide learners in solving problems and recall information.

How can it be applied?

Personal tutoring: A personalized course with chatbot may significantly improve learning outcomes of learners. The one-on-one approach afforded by chatbot instead of teachers is also a cost effective option for learning. Continual feedback between the chatbot and learner can decipher doubts and prompt them to ask questions independent of time constraints.

What’s a better alternative?

Trends come and go but Info Trek is always here to stay for your career development. We owe the humble success of our courses to our experienced trainers and budget-friendly pricing. While online learning trends continue to take different forms, Info Trek’s vision for quality online education remain consistent. To experience reimagined online education, come check out some recommended courses loved by our clients.