Free Service Management Workshop

Free Service Management Workshop


Enhance your leadership abilities to confidently manage change within your organization by delving into strategic insights aimed at significantly overhauling your approach to service management. Discover the transformative advantages of adopting antifragility concepts, ensuring your organization not only withstands but thrives amidst challenges. Keep a step ahead of your competitors by implementing cutting-edge strategies designed specifically for your unique needs, securing a competitive edge in your industry.

Part 1 introduces the Unified Service Management (USM) method, originating from The Netherlands, as a transformative approach to service management. It challenges traditional norms and encourages professionals to revamp their thinking regarding service delivery. USM emphasizes practical and principle-based strategies aimed at bringing about lasting improvements in service management processes.

Part 2 delves into the concept of antifragility, highlighting its power to help organizations thrive in disruptive environments. Unlike mere resilience, antifragility enables entities to not only withstand chaos but to actually benefit from it. By exploring applications in DevOps, chaos engineering, and other domains, businesses can strengthen their systems, leading to increased efficiency, enjoyment, and a culture of innovation.

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