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Public Class

Public Class

Unveiling the SIAM Foundation

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of Service Integration and Management (SIAM)? Look no further than our SIAM Foundation certification course! With a duration of just 3 days, our instructor-led program is designed for professionals worldwide who want to delve into the world of SIAM or implement this powerful methodology within their organization.

Who's It For?

This course caters to IT Service Management enthusiasts and providers aiming to excel in Service Integration and Management models. While there are no strict prerequisites, a solid grasp of IT Service Management terminology is highly recommended.

What to Expect

Our SIAM Foundation course is all about interaction and diverse teaching methods. From engaging lectures to self-assessments, group discussions, activities, and enlightening videos, we cater to various learning styles. Plus, we encourage participants to draw from their personal life and work experiences to enhance the learning process.

Course Highlights

Introduction to SIAM®

Dive into the fundamentals of SIAM® and discover the various structures for the service integrator layer.

SIAM® Implementation Roadmap

Roles and Responsibilities: Understand the different roles within SIAM® and their corresponding responsibilities.

SIAM® Practices

Uncover the various practices that define SIAM®.

Processes for Support

Learn about the processes within a SIAM® ecosystem and their significance.

Challenges and Risks

Identify and mitigate the main challenges and risks within the SIAM® ecosystem.

Integration with Other Practices

Understand the importance of integrating SIAM® with other practices.

Join us on this SIAM Foundation journey and empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the world of Service Integration and Management. Your gateway to success awaits!

Course Details

Duration: 3 days; Instructor-led

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is a methodology used to manage multiple service provides and to integrated them seamlessly to provide a single business facing IT organization. The BCS Exin SIAM® Foundation tests a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the terminology and the core principles. This SIAM® certification covers themes such as potential benefits as well as the challenges and risks of implementing Service Integration and Management.

The SIAM® certification also includes examples of implementation structures, governance, tooling and data considerations and the common of implementation structures, governance, tooling and data considerations and the common processes used in a SIAM in the organization.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) also has a synoriym: multi-sourcing integration (MSI). Within the scope of this certification, only the term Service Integration and Management is used.

Exam is included


This certification is aimed at professionals worldwide who have an interest in the practices of Service Integration and Management or that want to implement this methodology in an organization. In particular those professionals who are already working with IT Service Management Processes. Furthermore, this SIAM® certification is intended for providers that want to implement and manage Service Integration and Management models.


They are so specific pre-requisites for entry to the examination: however it is strongly recommended that candidates have good knowledge of IT Service Management terminology, for instance through a recognized IT Service Management framework.


This course is highly interactive and uses diverse teaching methods (lectures, self-assessments, group discussions, activities, and videos) to accommodate different learning styles This training will also leverage on participant’s personal life and work experiences.

Course Objectives

Candidates should be able to demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental concepts of Service Integration and an understanding of bringing together multiple service provides to strive for a common goal, in order to support the client organization’s agreed objectives for service delivery.

Specific Learning Objectives of the SIAM® Foundation Certification:

  • Introduction to Service Integration and Management (SIAM)
  • SIAM implementation roadmap
  • SIAM and its relation to other management practices
  • SIAM roles and responsibilities
  • SIAM practices
  • Processes to support SIAM
  • SIAM challenges and risks


  • Fundamentals of SIAM
  • SIAM methodology and the various structures suggested for the service integrator layer
  • SIAM implementation key stages, the main objectives and activities of these stages.
  • Different SIAM roles and their responsibilities.
  • Processes in a SIAM ecosystem
  • Objective and SIAM considerations of the main processes that support Service Integration and Management
  • Main challenges within a SIAM ecosystem, their associated risks and potential mitigation
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