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David started his project management experience in Oil & Gas Information Technology back in the year 2003 as a project engineer. He involved in planning, execution, quality assurance and transition processes. The real experience as a project manager since 2008 when he was a team leader before got himself PMP accreditation in the year 2009. The most memorable project management experience is in the year 2011 when he successfully rescued a nationwide enterprise system upgrade project in Automotive Information Technology from failure planning.

His biggest budget project is USD 20 million communication equipment setup for the deep-water platform and the whole ecosystem as a senior project manager throughout the year 2013 and 2015. Now, as Certified Trainer and Coach, he inspires his client to maximise their potential in project management to realising sustainable benefits and creating meaningful values.

David is partnering with organisation leaders to achieve their purposeful objectives by realising sustainable benefits and creating meaningful values. His mission is possible by aligning organisation leaders’ meaningful values and strategy to their desired outcome using project management and coaching skills. He has been delivering workshops & coaching sessions related to organisational strategy, change and project management since 2012 to develop competent project management practitioners to deliver quality outcomes for their organisations. David holds double master’s degrees in business administration and project management from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. He is also a certified Project Management Professional from Project Management Institute (PMI®), US; Professional Trainer from International Professional Managers Association, UK; Transformative Coach from Coach Masters Academy, Singapore; and a Neuro-Semantics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnosis and Time-lines Practitioner by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics, US. David is currently a professional trainer and coach. Before that, he was senior project manager managing capital and organisation change projects for a couple of local and international multi-national companies. Project management and coaching are part of his belief to help the organisation to achieve its vision.

David is also an active member of the Project Management Institute (PMI®), Project Management Institute Malaysia (PMIMY), International Coaching Federation (ICF), International Coaching Federation Malaysia Chapter (ICFMY) and Malaysian Association of Professional Trainers and Coaches (MAPTaC). For the past years, he played the role of PMIMY Director for Giving Back (PMIEF Liaison); PMI Education Foundation (PMIEF) Community Engagement Committee (for Asia-Pacific + Pakistan region); and Youth Director for the Rotary Club of Seri Petaling (RCSP). David is currently a volunteer as the PMI Malaysia Chapter President. He is continually participating in these communities to advocate the essence of project management and coaching as life skills.



  • Project Management Professional (PMP®) by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), US
  • Train the Trainer (TTT) by the HRDF
  • Certified Professional Trainer by the International Professional Managers Association, UK
  • Certified Transformative Coach from Coach Masters Academy, Singapore
  • Neuro-Semantics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnosis and Time-lines Practitioner by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics, US.



The technical knowledge, skills and behaviours required to perform the role to help an organisation realise sustainable benefits and create meaningful values.

  • Project, Programme & Portfolio Management
  • Agility Principles and Practices
  • VUCA Risk Management
  • Change Management
  • Business Analysis


The leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours required to guide, motivate, direct, and engage a team or stakeholder to help an organisation achieve its goals and strategy. Project, Programme & Portfolio Management

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Dynamic Teambuilding
  • Servant Leadership
  • Storytelling
  • Coaching


The strategic knowledge and skills required in an organisation that enhances performance and delivers the desired outcomes.

  • Sustainable Benefit Realisation
  • Social Good Responsibilities
  • Meaningful Value Creation
  • Organisational Change
  • Agility Strategic




Position                       : Current: Chief Technology Officer

Company                     : Thulija Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

Responsibilities          :

Chief Technology Officer who played main role in research and development towards implementing “block chain” based e-Commerce solutions.


Position                       : Chief Technology Officer

Company                     : Omni2u Sdn. Bhd.

Responsibilities          :

  • Lead Developer and Chief Programmer who played the main role in the design and development of the Omni2U Accounting Software which was awarded Advanced Level recognition by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department for GST Compliance.
  • During the course of the entire software compliance exercise with the Royal Malaysian Customs, we made in-depth studies on the entire GST Implementation as per the guidelines provided and have successfully obtained Advanced Category compliance for the Cloud based Accounting Software. Only 5 companies have managed to obtain compliance for the Advanced Category from the total of 55 software vendors who participated.
  • In year 2015-2016, I have delivered over 150 training programmes on GST Awareness and its impact in the existing accounting software solutions. Appointed as Master Trainer for the GST Implementation for Software Developers training program and is noted for being the only training programme of its kind in Malaysia.


Position                       : Chief Software Architect

Company                     : Micro Circle (M) Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia

Responsibilities          :

  • Architected a complete J2EE Portal framework based on cloud computing comply with JSR286 standard using open-source technology. Lead a software development team of 5 members to develop the proposed technology.
  • OMNI Portlet is a cloud computing solution for startups, they require application development to manage their business but have very minimum budget.
  • Lead a team of 15 members towards the development of portlet applications for 17 over vertical solutions on top of the proposed solution. Conceptualize the user requirements; design using OOD techniques with UML diagrams and implement using Java technologies such as Servlet, Java Server Pages and UI components, Tag Libraries, Hibernate, Jasper / iReport, ActiveMQ, Jitterbit and Axis2.


  • Guest Management System
  • Solutions for educational Institutes / alumni portals
  • Membership System
  • Enterprise Information Portal
  • E-Commerce solution for buying selling products and services.
  • Solution for property developers / real estate agents
  • Portal for NGO / NPO / Individual
  • Portal solution for Mobile advertising
  • Enterprise Resource Planning solution for SME
  • Portal integrated Digital Signage solution
  • GST enabled Accounting [Sales / Purchase / Balance Sheet / Profit & Loss]


  • The following projects were successfully completed and implemented: –
  • Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), MYCOID
  • Kementerian Kerja Raya, Enterprise Information Portal
  • Ministry of Education (MOE), Rancangan Pendidikan Individu
  • Universiti Malaya, iHRIS (Human Resource Information System)
  • Perfisio Solutions, Learning Content Management System

Position                       : Project Lead

Company                     : CITS, Multimedia University, Malaysia         

Responsibilities          :

  • Recruited to propose and develop a J2EE framework for Integrated Computerized Education Management System. ICEMS is a complete ERP solution for universities developed using Oracle Technologies such as Developer 2000 and Oracle Reports.
  • Primary duty was to act as a Project Leader and lead a team of 5 members towards the development of student modules on the web. Assist the support team (technical help desk) for two campuses and 12 Call centers of Multimedia University.
  • Conceptualize the user requirements; design using OOD techniques with UML diagrams and implement using Java technologies such as Java Server Pages, Java Server Faces, and UI components, Tag Libraries, Servlet, Beans, Enterprise Java Beans, Java Messaging services and Java Transaction services. Acquired extensive experience using JDeveloper 10G for J2EE Development, Oracle Database 10G, Visio for reverse engineering Microsoft Project for project management and TransformOnDemand from SOLONDE for data integration tasks in ETL.

Modules Focused

  • Admission (Application setup, Apply online and processing)
  • Time Tabling (Student / Lecturer / Course) using Operational Research.
  • Examination (Scheduling, Class evaluation, Academic evaluation)
  • Course Completion (Alpha to Beta, Beta to Gamma, Graduation)
  • Student activities (Electronic voting, Counseling)
  • Student Hostel Administration
  • Invoicing and Integration of student modules with financial modules
  • Grant Accounting Management System (GAMS) 

Position                       : Chief Technical Officer

Company                     : Expert Systems Design, Malaysia    

Responsibilities          :

  • Main focus was developing a solution called KALEIDOSCKOP, a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) for Malaysian universities and training centres under Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara (INTAN) in Malaysia. Primary role was to lead a team in developing the product and trained the team towards implementing international e-Learning Standards (such as SCORM, AICC and IMS) in KALEIDOSCKOP. The product was developed using JEE. Worked closely together with the research and development unit from Malaysia and Singapore and implemented new innovative ideas published in International Journal. Another role was facilitating the strategic partners’ and resources towards their sales process. Engaged, equipped, and lead all sales channels with training, tools, and products/services. Implemented LCMS and expertly used various web servers, ftp servers, e-mail servers and file servers. Teach / train content developers on various authoring tools such as Macromedia Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Swish and Tool book to develop online content.


  • Offered 40% equity in the Company.
  • Conducted workshop” Exploring the possibilities of e-Learning” in University Science Malaysia
  • Submitted an e-Learning research proposal to MDC, Malaysia.

Position                       : Team Leader

Company                     : CMED, Multimedia University, Malaysia       

Responsibilities          :

  • Performed system analysis from users’ requirement and had a complete involvement in the development of an e-Learning platform (LMS). Primary role was planning, developing, and implementing MMLS (Multimedia Learning System) project initiated by the University.
  • Identified and developed the integration technology for MMLS to communicate with other ERP projects. Objective of the research project was to identify effective and improved methods for utilizing the internet for teaching.
  • The project had a goal to eliminate 30% to 50% of face-to-face hourly sessions. Each module of the project comprised of various functions with own access controls.
  • Access controls based on three major user roles – Lecturer, Student and Administrator. MMLS a fully featured SCORM compliant LMS System equipped with several Pedagogy Tools built on Perl.


  • MMLS has won the following awards.
  • APMITTA award in the year 2000
  • APICTA award in 2001 for the Best of Learning Applications
  • APICTA Merit award in 2003 for the Best of Learning Applications category

Position                       : Software Engineer

Company                     : MPDC, University Telecom, Malaysia           

Responsibilities          :

  • Recruited for system analysis, design, and development of various modules to promote UV mall an e-commerce project. I was involved in the research to propose innovative ideas to increase the return on investments of e-commerce websites. Together with Hong Leong Bank, we developed enterprise transaction processing software using SET technology. Research in identifying various payment modes was done.
  • Few identified and successfully implemented methods are money order, bank slip and telephone bills. Members of UV Mall can advertise (free classified) and use electronic greeting cards for festivals, birthday and other occasions. Members were able to search and locate their good old college friends, place job ads and submit their resume for new postings in various companies.
  • Project was developed using Oracle Web Application Server, PL/SQL cartridge and Oracle Database.


  • Awarded as first e-commerce website in Malaysia.
  • Project was launched by Prime minister of Malaysia.


As a Freelance Trainer have conducted many IT trainings both in-house and public programs. Managed to

  • Designed and developed presentations and course materials.
  • During training have incorporated media and humour to engage participants.
  • Travelled extensively throughout Malaysia to conduct IT trainings.
  • Designed training based on client requests for subject matter areas.
  • Understand the developed solution and provide training to end users.


  • Have lead projects with clients such as Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), MYCOID, Kementerian Kerja Raya, Enterprise Information Portal, Ministry of Education (MOE), Rancangan Pendidikan Individu, Universiti Malaya, iHRIS (Human Resource Information System), Perfisio Solutions, Learning Content Management System, Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri, AP Payment and Receipt amongst others.
  • Substantial experience and expertise in the Education Domain where he spent over 10 years in various Universities developing software.
  • Consultant for MIMOS Berhad, a Research and Development organisation that functions as an advisor to the Malaysian Government on technologies, policies and strategies relating to IT.




Microsoft® Certified Trainer
Microsoft® Certified Solutions Associate : BI Reporting
Microsoft Office Specialist on Microsoft Office 365 & 2019
Microsoft Office Specialist on Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Office Specialist on Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft Office Specialist on Microsoft Office 2010
Microsoft Office Specialist on Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Office Specialist on Microsoft Office 2003
Microsoft® Specialist: Windows 7, Configuring
Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist: Windows 7, Configuration
Microsoft® Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Support Technician on Windows Vista


Maybank (Malaysian Universal Bank)
Bangkok Bank
Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)
Public Mutual Berhad
United Overseas Bank (M) Sdn Bhd
RHB Banking Group
AEON Credit Service
Securities Commission Malaysia
SWIFT Support Services Malaysia
Bursa Malaysia
Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad

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