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Why Software Defined Data Centers and DevOps make IT truly Agile
In this day and age, the business wants to serve its customers quickly and exceed expectations, and it uses IT to achieve this aim. For an organization – and particularly its IT department – this means having the capacity to rapidly adopt innovations involving technology and/or processes. A ‘conventional’ IT department is often unable to fulfill wishes of this kind from the business within the current structure of its technology, organization and processes. And definitely not at the high speed that the business and end customers require. IT departments have long been looking for ways to resolve this dilemma. This time, help is available from various quarters: technology offers the software-defined data center (SDDC) and, increasingly more often, process and development are using various forms of DevOps. Together, these developments ensure that the old need for fast and agile IT can be fulfilled! This white paper provides all stakeholders – IT and business managers, and members of staff – with insights into how a set of new technologies and modern methods can lead to an IT environment that is optimally agile and fast, and of high value for the business.