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Using Strategic IT for Competitive Advantage

We are living in a digital economy. In order to remain competitive, companies know they must invest in IT. But that knowledge is not enough; they also must know where those investments should be made. Simply investing more in existing IT tactics is not sufficient. Enterprise technology has gone through a major shift, and understanding that shift is a prerequisite for a winning game plan.

Consider the case of cloud computing. The first step in cloud adoption is generally the migration of an existing system. By doing this, businesses can learn several lessons about operating in a cloud environment—integration, application monitoring, data security—but at the end of the day, most companies are simply running old IT systems on new models. For true competitive advantage, a cutting-edge approach involves redesign of both systems and workflow, requiring a different set of investments in technology and skills.

To fully appreciate this approach, companies must ask some basic questions. How is today’s IT different from an organizational perspective? Which driving factors are contributing to the flood of new technology trends? What are the behaviors that stem from this fundamental IT change? And, ultimately, what steps should a company take to move forward? Any focus on individual tools such as cloud computing or Internet of Things or artificial intelligence may solve a short-term problem, but the answers to these central questions will give businesses the knowledge and ability to thrive in the long term.

This whitepaper from CompTIA relies on research across a variety of topics and conversations with IT professionals to provide a description of the way technology is now integrated into business. Examining the strategic nature of modern IT provides a foundation for describing new mindset and metrics. Adding in vital technical milestones completes the picture, giving businesses a thorough understanding of this recent tipping point and allowing them to build plans for future transformation.