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Toward A More Innovative Government


New innovations are taking state and local government by storm. While these technologies have received ample visibility and legislation at the federal level — most recently with publication of the Federal Source Code Policy1 — some of the most substantial leaps are happening behind the curtain of state and local agencies. The democratization of cloud computing, open data policies, and advanced analytics is flooding a wave of innovation in these corridors, but the new capabilities they offer demand that state and local organizations re-evaluate long-held processes and improve on legacy systems. More than just a technology upgrade, many are grappling with the challenges of a shrinking budget, limited resources, and shortage of IT talent. In order to better understand how state and local leaders regard their agency’s innovation efforts and what they are doing to overcome such challenges, Government Business Council (GBC) and Red Hat undertook an in-depth research study in October 2016.


To assess the perceptions, attitudes, and experiences that state and local leaders have regarding innovation in their own governments, GBC deployed a survey to a random sample of state and local recipients in October 2016. The pool of 331 respondents includes a largely senior audience, with 81 percent holding VP/senior level positions or above. Respondents also represent all levels of state and local government, including municipal, county, township, and special district governments.