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The Convergence of Scrum and Devops
“Software is eating the world” - quote by Andreessen, Marc.
Software is pervasive; it influences every aspect of our modern world. It enables organizations to deliver better products, faster and with higher quality. It enables organizations to create new, smarter products that deliver better customer outcomes. It also enables organizations to better understand user needs to become better at delivering better outcomes. Software is also the source of disruption. The formula is simple, yet hard to embrace: organizations that harness the power of software master rapid empiricism, the ability to quickly form hypotheses, try them, gather and analyze the results of these experiments, and use the information to improve.
This paper looks at how modern IT operates and how the different parts of the organization can work together to deliver working software with greater agility.
This paper addresses some of the myths about Scrum and DevOps while focusing on how the entire organization responsible for the delivery of software based products to market come together to meet a single goal: Delivering Value.