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Taking IT4IT on the ITSM journey

The IT4IT standard, is currently recognized as the most comprehensive solution to address this challenge. If adopted widely by enterprise architects, service providers and tool vendors, IT4IT will help organizations to develop and maintain end-to-end IT management systems. These will ensure compatibility and consistency within organizations and in their relationships with third parties (suppliers, partners, integrators and customers). It will allow for focus on the true role of IT: to deliver value through services, thus making the company more competitive and innovative.

IT4IT provides a set of concepts and solutions that can be valuable for ITSM development initiatives in any organization today, regardless of the maturity and scope of their IT service management system. Used together, ITIL® and IT4IT will help organizations to get the most out of available information technologies in a constantly changing, complex IT and business context.

In this paper, we show how IT4IT can help IT service managers at each stage of the service lifecycle. The paper is addressed to ITSM professionals who are familiar with the ITL structure, scope and content and have an awareness of the IT4IT standard.