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THE SHIFT TO DIGITAL. Companies Leading the Way
As said by the CEO of VMWare, Pat Gelsinger, We are in the midst of an economic and societal transformation on par with that of the Industrial Revolution. Organizations across every sector are applying digital technologies to disrupt models of business and engagement, and to reimagine customer experiences.

The stories in this book bring to life the impact of the digital transformation we are experiencing. Consider a company like Medic Mobile, which harnesses ubiquitous cell-phone technology and mobile-cloud infrastructure to deliver healthcare to some of the most remote villages in the world. Or Chitale Dairy in India, which is “connecting cows to the cloud” to help 10,000 independent dairy farmers improve animal health while increasing dairy production.

Let's look into the some of the well know brand around the globe in meeting their challenges with solution and impact after they have made relevant changes to its organization.