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Scrum & Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) projects can be seen as complex, where the amount of unknown requirements and technologies exceeds the known. BI projects are complex due to fast changing information needs and priorities, existence of many users/customers, availability and quality of data, different systems to extract source data from, and continuously changing technologies. Implementing Scrum with a BI-environment, with a focus on creating actionable insights, is therefore challenging.

How to make sure Scrum and Business Intelligence is a winning combination?

We have 8 most important actionable insights to share with you:-

1. Stop analysing, start visualizing

2. Ensure the Product Owner is a leader

3. Invest in test automation

4. Create a cross-functional Business Intelligence team

5. Ensure the BI Architect applies servant leadership

6. Incorporate DevOps practices to get more done

7. Continuously validate the quality of the data

8. Organize a stakeholder-friendly Sprint Review