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Red Hat OpenStack Platform — A cost-effective private cloud for your business
The cloud is more than a marketing concept. Cloud computing is an intentional, integrated architecture comprising a suite of tools that help automate your business operations on a service-provider’s infrastructure, your infrastructure, or a hybrid combination of both. A private cloud solution uses the accessibility and redundancy advantages of the public cloud, but on your business’s own infrastructure. The advantages gained are greater control over your data with a level of auditing that meets enhanced security needs for financial records, medical records, and other highly sensitive data. As the private cloud tends toward vendor-agnostic open source solutions, vendor lock-in is avoided and interoperability is enhanced.
More than 100 vendors have joined Red Hat’s OpenStack efforts and provide technologies and services that are certified to work with Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Red Hat offers training and certifications that ensure your technical team has the knowledge to support your private cloud implementation. And through corporate cloud offerings, Red Hat brings virtualization and management tools that integrate seamlessly with Red Hat OpenStack Platform. This frees your technical team to focus on providing critical support for your business needs.
Scalable, supported, and seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure, Red Hat OpenStack Platform is the clear path to your enterprise’s private cloud future.