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Red Hat Five pillars for security resiliency
IT environments are growing more sophisticated and complex—and thus more difficult to defend.
And so agencies must build their security on a resilient foundation that can meet their current security needs while also expanding their digital capabilities.
In our work helping federal organizations secure their digital environments, Red Hat has identified five security “pillars” that are essential for building a resilient organization. Each pillar addresses key areas of concern for agencies operating in traditional IT environments, as well as for those who are moving aggressively to adopt cloud, mobile, and other advanced technologies.
These pillars also help federal organizations comply with strict government security requirements.
The five pillars for security and resiliency are:
• Secure multitenancy provides secure, role-based access for multiple levels of security clearance, while also protecting data in multitenant cloud environments.
• Identity management ensures only authorized users can access data and applications.
• Continuous monitoring automates processes for compliance with security rules and requirements.
• Collection and analysis implements robust security analytics with efficient, scalable data storage and analysis.
• Secure software supply chain automates processes for ensuring the integrity of software.