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Real-time Collaboration for Enterprises and Service Providers

Oracle Communications Instant Messaging Server provides a standards-based, real-time communication and collaboration application, as well as a platform for presence-based application development. It delivers presence information, voice and mobile client integration, and extended realtime messaging capabilities—including IM, conferencing, alerts, and file transfers. As both an application and a platform, the Oracle Communications Instant Messaging Server provides the reliability and availability expected by end users and the security necessary to protect the privacy of information and meet regulatory requirements.

When deploying an instant messaging (IM), Presence and real-time communications platform, an enterprise or service provider must ensure that the platform addresses the needs of many users and applications, each with a unique set of challenges, as well as the organization’s strategic operations.

Examples include:
» The business’s need to deploy a secure IM system that provides secure transmissions as well as a secure data archive

» An extended enterprise that must provide real-time communication, including mobile IM communications, to its partners and customers

» A service provider whose goal is to provide sticky services around IM, public IM connectivity and deploy a highly scalable, highly available IM system to its customer base

» A developer who must create an application that utilizes presence, message routing and a robust real-time messaging platform that filters incoming and outgoing messages based on content.