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Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture with Exadata Cloud at Customer and Exadata Cloud Service

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is engineered to deliver dramatically better performance and cost effectiveness, with inherent high availability features for Oracle databases. Exadata features a modern cloud-based architecture with scalable high performance database servers, scalable intelligent storage servers with state-of-the-art PCI flash, and an ultra-fast InfiniBand internal fabric that connects all servers and storage. Unique software algorithms in Exadata implement database intelligence in storage, compute, and InfiniBand networking to deliver higher performance and capacity at lower costs than other platforms.

Leveraging all the benefits of Exadata, Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service (ExaCS) is now offered in Oracle Public Cloud for customers who want to run mission critical databases in the public cloud and utilize the offsite nature of cloud for Disaster Recovery purposes. For customers who desire the benefits of the cloud, but require their databases to be located local in their datacenters, they can choose Oracle Database Exadata Cloud at Customer (ExaCC). ExaCC delivers the world’s most advanced database cloud to customers and is ideal for customers who cannot move their databases to the public cloud due to sovereignty laws, industry regulations, corporate policies, or organizations that find it impractical to move databases away from other tightly coupled on-premises IT infrastructure.

Databases deployed on ExaCS or ExaCC are 100% compatible with existing on-premises databases, or databases that are deployed in Oracle’s public cloud.

Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) is a set of best practice blueprints for the integrated use of Oracle High Availability (HA) technologies (See Figure 1). MAA best practices are created and maintained by a team of Oracle developers that continually validate the integrated use of Oracle Database High Availability features. Real-world customer experience is also integrated into the validation performed by the MAA team, spreading lessons learned to other customers.