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Oracle Database Cloud Service
When you adopt a database cloud service, you expect that service to be available in an uninterrupted fashion. It should be secure, reliable, and easy to expand or contract (what is commonly referred to as elasticity). A cloud database should also be easy to provision, de-provision, and scale. Unfortunately, as many organizations quickly learn when they sign up for a database service, such capabilities are rare.
• Faster integration and deployment of industry-leading database services
• Faster time to production, with little or no training of your staff
• Faster time to value, innovation, and ROI
• Easy migration, with the same user experience on-premises and in the cloud
• Rapid deployment through pluggable databases, facilitated orchestration, and automated tasks
• Inclusion of Oracle Database Backup service and other great features such as PDB hot-cloning, PDB refresh, Database Vault, Key Vault, and encryption
• Exceptional performance thanks to in-memory processing and multi tenant innovations