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Oracle Database 12c Release 2 for Data Warehousing and Big Data
What is a data warehouse? Quite simply, a data warehouse is a database built for the purposes of analysis. “Data warehouses" encompass a huge range of applications today, from large-scale advanced analytical data stores supporting dozens of sophisticated analysts to pre-built business intelligence applications with tens of thousands of users, and from enterprise-wide data warehouses to departmental data marts. Data warehouses are now a mainstay of the IT infrastructure, enabling both long-term strategic planning and agile responses to new market conditions.

However, data warehousing is undergoing a major transition. The benefits of data warehouses are currently being realized in most organizations, partially if not wholly. The best practices for data warehouses are well established, and the technologies supporting data warehouses have become more and more mature. Today's leading-edge organizations, seeking to further differentiate themselves through analytics, are expanding their data warehouses with “big data".

This paper focuses on Oracle Database 12c Release 2's capabilities for data warehousing and big data. The first section of this paper describes an overall architecture for big data illustrating the role of Oracle Database 12c Release 2 – available in the Oracle Cloud - in a 'big data' architecture. Subsequent sections highlight the capabilities in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 to support data warehouses and big data, focusing on hardware integration, performance, scalability and analytics.