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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Linux Quick Start Guide

Go deep with our guide based on user-generated Q&As.

You’ve heard the big news that SQL Server 2017 is coming to Linux, and maybe you’ve attended a webinar or read a couple blog posts. Now you’re ready to dive into the details to really see how the enterprise features of SQL Server apply to your favourite open source platform.

Like you, your peers who attended recent Engineering Town Hall webinars had many questions, and we’ve incorporated the FAQs into a handy guide. Here’s a sampling:

  • Can I use the SQL Server Management Studio client on Windows to access SQL Server on Linux?
  • Which Linux file systems can SQL Server 2017 use for data files?
  • Is there an app like the SQL Server Configuration Manager on Linux?
  • Are Always On and clustering supported in Linux?
  • Is it possible to view Activity Monitor when connected through SSMS on Windows for an instance running on Linux?

Find out the answers to these and other technical questions in the free guide.