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Make The Move to VMware- 8 Reasons Healthcare Organizations Are Switching from Citrix

Virtualization: Just the Beginning

Historically, most healthcare IT organizations have chosen remoting as their method to deliver the EMR. Since VMware Horizon® was included in Target Platform in 2013 for delivering Epic Hyperspace® as an installed application directly in the virtual desktop, there has been a shift away from virtualizing just the application. Installing within the gold image for clinical desktops brings efficiencies in terms of hardware, licensing, support, and maintenance, helping to free up IT resources and budget

VMware RDS hosted applications can now be used to deliver Hyperspace. Healthcare IT organizations can use VMware technology to support virtually limitless types of desktops and applications and deliver their entire Epic platform using a single VMware Digital Clinical Workspace™ solution with benefits from the data center to the point of care. Centralized management, anywhere access, faster deployment, improved data security, reduced TCO, and the ability to leverage existing technology expertise provide a solid foundation for healthcare organizations working with VMware to transform the cost, quality, and delivery of patient care.

The following 8 reasons outline why so many healthcare IT leaders are moving to VMware solutions:

1. One and Done: VMware provides a complete platform for delivering Epic.

2. Support for any kind of desktop and application delivery

3. Simplified management with infrastructure and workflow monitoring

4. Transformational clinical mobility

5. Enhanced security

6. Simplified storage

7. Dedicated healthcare focus

8. Healthcare service expertise