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ITIL® and DevOps- Getting Started

The DevOps movement presents IT service management (ITSM) professionals with an invaluable opportunity to enhance the support they offer the business by increasing value for the customer through improved services due to better service management practice. At the same time, organizations fully immersed in the world of DevOps have begun to understand the value of the service mind-set, with its immerse positive impact on customer value and its benefits to the bottom line of the business.

While the DevOps philosophy encourages collaboration with the whole organization, including the end-to-end service lifecycle, DevOps practices have been most telling within IT Operations, specifically IT capabilities. This is also where the quickest wins for ITSM are today- and the highest customer value.

This paper explores the context of ITSM in modern-day organizations. It covers the improvement of practices over time and the challenges we are facing today. It then aligns the wider scope of ITSM to specific DevOps practices, and highlights key improvement opportunities, including tips on getting started.

The last section of the paper provides a new view on the role of IT operations in the modern organization; a role that allows IT operations to fully utilize their expertise and become trusted advisors and true business enablers.