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IT Industry Outlook 2018

A scan of the 2018 horizon reveals a year that appears to be on the cusp of profound change. And yet, the closer a major leap forward seems, the more one is reminded of the last-mile challenges associated with next generation innovation. While there continues to be a sense of excitement for a future that is rapidly becoming reality, increasingly, questions and concerns are part of the mix as well. The trends unfolding will do so in an environment of higher expectations; namely, for business value, security, transparency, and equal access to opportunity. Against this backdrop, CompTIA explores the forces shaping the information technology industry, its workforce, and its business models in the year ahead.

Key Points:

  • The information technology (IT) sector is poised for another strong year, 5.0% growth projected.
  • An evolving tech labor market will continue to present challenges, as well as opportunities.
  • Balancing incrementalism and transformations.