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How Net Health Scales Scrum with the Nexus Framework
Net Health first adopted Scrum in 2014 to aid in the completion of two large software development projects and remove the burden of an exhaustive initial requirements phase, thanks to the iterative nature of Scrum. Prior to implementing Scrum, the company utilized a Waterfall Approach, which did not include iterative or integrated development. This led to inaccurate timeline prediction and fixed-scope releases, driving their need and desire to switch to Scrum.

The teams were working in silos that didn’t efficiently communicate or regularly integrate code, despite the fact that they were all working from the same code base. Each release required massive, complicated merges and significant retesting efforts. In addition to these challenges, Net Health made the business decision to port its four distinct products into a single platform.

To execute this, and to resolve the issues they were facing with each Scrum Team operating in a vacuum, they selected the Nexus framework, an Agile framework built on Scrum. The Nexus framework drives to the heart of scaling by minimizing cross-team dependencies and integration issues.

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