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Four DevOps Journeys to Agility & Continuity in Your Organization
Right from the outset, the digital age has brought with it a great many new buzz words and concepts that have an impact on IT. Agile, Scrum, Lean IT and DevOps, to name just four.
After reading this white paper, you will be able to place current developments – and the often heated discussions about the next steps – within the context of your organization, and recognize their relationship to one another. DevOps is the development that links the Agile world’s need for flexibility with the need to guarantee continuity in the provision of services. This paper also links DevOps to a development that has emerged from infrastructure management in order to respond to developments in that domain as well. Ultimately, these developments reinforce one another and, after reading this paper, you will know why.
Below are the 4 Journeys that you will be able to observe from this whitepaper.
Journey 1: From waterfall to DevOps
Journey 2: From application management to DevOps
Journey 3: From infrastructure management to DevOps
Journey 4 : The Step to Lean IT