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Enhance Security with Window Server

In today's business environment, cyber-attacks have become a normal occurrence for companies of all sizes, across all industries. The attacker profile has grown beyond independent actors, and now includes organized crime, nation states, and terror groups. These groups not only go after the biggest companies to steal information for the biggest payoff, they are also focused on interrupting businesses for profit or other malicious intent. Ransomware is another emerging threat used to disrupt business for financial gain. Attackers rely on human error to create swift attacks that hold data hostage. It might start, for example, when an employee clicks on a malicious URL in an email, which downloads malware that quickly traverses the network and encrypts all the organization's file servers or locks employees out of their systems. The attackers don't even need to worry about staying hidden on the network.

Download this e-book to learn how Window Server 2016 defends your server infrastructures, protect credentials and secure virtualization by providing layers of protection that block external attackers that could steal data and interrupt your business.