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Digital Innovation Through Agile Integration.
Agile integration is an architectural approach that combines agile methods and practices with technologies for the purpose of rapidly intergrating applications and data, using platforms particularly suited for flexible and adaptive integrated solutions.
Red Hat’s use of the term agile integration differs somewhat from the common definitions of agile integration that relate to continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), which represent the integration or combination of different development processes into a continuous process. We define agile integration as an architectural approach that specifically applies to “integration” technologies and processes — taking advantage of agile methods and flexible microservices architectures — so that applications and data across multiple systems and services can be integrated and adapted faster to meet the rapidly changing demands of digital business. Agile integration relies on modern platforms, processes, and technologies that are suited for fast-paced and adaptive solutions. Agile integration approaches can help customers include their integration services as part of CI/CD processes.