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Crafting Fun User Experiences. A Method to Facilitate Flow
Making designs more fun allows companies to engage their customers and give them an experience that will have them wanting to come back again and again. There are many different kinds of fun, but the fun of enjoying doing something for its own sake must be our top priority if we want to make designs that people will want to use. Positive psychologists call this kind of fun "flow.”

Persuasion can be thought of as a story that goes from a trustworthy first impression, through an engaging emotional experience, to persuasion that will convince customers to take the desired action. The persuasion story continues with the sense of relationship customers feel with your business that leads to repeat business and loyalty. At each part of this persuasion story, we make designs more persuasive with different Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust (PET) tools. Flow is all about that emotional engagement part of the persuasion story.

This paper offers insight into the implementation of flow, including:
• How do we get into flow?
• How do we create flow loops?
• Flow loop model with flow conditions
• Gamification
• How do we engineer designs that get users into flow?