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Avoid the 24 Perilous Pitfalls to UX Maturity
Maturity of UX practice is not so important if your organization is based on a single application. But if it must operate across many coordinated channels (stores, call centers, websites, native applications, etc.) then maturity is important. You cannot expect to succeed based on just having some smart UX designers.
To have an efficient and sustainable UX practice there is a lot that needs to be in place. There are lots of parts needed. And there are lots of ways it can fail. The global progress toward customer-centric design has been astoundingly slow and painful.
Perhaps the central key to a mature practice is to have a process driven operation. This means that we are not dependent on a specific person. Instead, it’s far better to set up a practice that moves forward, builds knowledge, and delivers a coherent and consistent interface; even as staff come and go.