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Agile Processes in Telecom Sales Teams

As the first and the leading Agility services company in Turkey, we are proud to assist over 100 IT teams and very excited to explore Agile processes in non-IT teams. This white paper summarizes one sales team’s Scrum transition.

The company reviewed is one of the largest GSM operators in Middle East and East Europe region. With over 2000 employees, they provide innovative value added services to over 8 million customers.

The company focused on revenue growth while keeping the EBITDA and EBIT at certain levels for its competency in the market. Those highly challenging objectives and financial goals pushed the sales department to segment its sales channels, especially the enterprise channel according to the revenue potential of the customers. Consequently a new sales channel called the Large Enterprise founded in order to boost the mid segment of the enterprise sales.

Founding a new department for sales came with many challenges. First and the far most was the chaotic environment; while sales is an activity itself has many unknowns which constitute a level of complexity period, being a new department, the functional structure of the company was leveraging the level of predictability and planning.

The main forces that created this volatile environment were:

  • Focus on sales as a highly dependent activity (dependent on customers, competitor’s new products and services, marketing, procurement and weather conditions etc.),
  • Creation of the new segment and new department,
  • New employees,
  • The functional business units that has to work together to achieve the expected results whereas the business units had different KPI’s and goals only for their domain areas not for the sales as a whole which was a risk for creating a sales oriented cross functional team

The Company contacted us for their Non-IT teams to go Agile, starting with the sales teams. We were very glad to see that Agile transition was not only being implemented into It department. This was also very exciting because there are actually very few well known examples of Non-IT Agile applications at the global scale.

The experience shared in this paper includes the introduction and use of the Agile processes, mainly utilizing the Scrum framework, for controlling the chaos, increasing the sales with less bureaucracy, enhancive learning and coordination of sales teams.