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Agile Data Management in 3 Steps
Data is the oil of the digital economy. And the quantity and diversity of data just continues to grow. More and more sources of data from within and outside an organization can be accessed and integrated, analyzed and made available to the organization. As an increasing number of directors and managers want to be able to make decisions on the basis of data, the quality of that data is of great importance. This paper aims to show how robust data management can be configured in such a way that data, in whatever quantity, can become and remain a reliable resource. Clearly defined ownership and management of data pave the way to a truly data-driven organization. A way that leads to proper coordination of people, processes and technology so that data can be used efficiently and effectively. And good data management makes organizations agile.

This paper is neither a model for the development of a data vision, nor a manual for reorganization, but rather a pointer. In this paper you will read how to make your organization ready for a data-driven future in three steps using the independent DMBoK data management model. Quint Wellington Redwood has used this approach successfully many times. Two cases illustrate that.