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A Platform for modernizing Java applications
Organizations are at a strategic crossroads. According to IDC analysts,1 two-thirds of CEOs will center their corporate strategies around digital transformation initiatives. The goal of digital transformation is only partly to make existing functions more effective. The greater goal is to be able to do new things and use existing data in new, better ways.

Yet, 72% of current IT spending2 — and the focus of IT resources — is on maintaining existing systems. This creates tension between what needs to be done today and what should be done for the future.

Middle-tier applications, according to IDC,3 are the core of a digital transformation strategy because they provide data integration, messaging, and application programming interface (API) management. Middle-tier applications also provide a platform for application development and management that can handle traditional enterprise applications and cloud-native, distributed applications.

Specifically, a Java™ EE-based application platform can provide support for current technologies and cloud-native applications by:
• Using existing staff and domain knowledge for new technologies.
• Preserving legacy applications and important data.
• Developing new applications in parallel with the existing environment.
• Implementing new processes and architectures.