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Roy Tan Yew Hoong
Roy Tan Yew Hoong
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Roy Tan started off as a Software Engineer and slowly ventured into the Oil & Gas Sector as a Transport Manager under a SHELL haulage contractor. He finally found himself as a Sales Manager in an IT company. Due to his keen drive to network and build business relationships, he started his own IT agency in 2007 with a vision to solve clients' problems through simplicity.A wakeup call come knocking in 2009 when having realized his strengths in public speaking, Roy shifted his focus to developing his skills in the area of corporate training. His passion for creating a positive impact on people's lives has helped him in his commitment and dedication of delivering the right message to his participants. He aspires to empower others to take charge of their success - both in life and at work.Throughout his journey in organizational behavioral development, he mainly works with leaders to cultivate a coaching mindset where they focus on inspiring the workforce to be highly motivated – hence unleashing potential. His “meta" approach helps leaders move deep into “meaning" of things rather than performance / superficial based. By changing meaning, behavioral change is then more sustainable.Since exploring into coaching in 2011, Roy also conducts 1-to-1 executive coaching conversations with various levels of employees and individuals – ranging from Managers to C-suites. To help strengthen effectiveness, he discovered a new tool called Motivation Factor that helps measure and develop motivation for individuals and teams.To date, Roy has spoken to over 500 organizations of various sizes and industries, and to over 10,000 people from various backgrounds. Roy Y.H. Tan is well sought after by organizations of different industries to facilitate leadership and coaching culture initiatives, especially in terms of redefining leadership mindset to be people focused. As a certified graduated of Meta-Coaching, he is also well known for his capability to facilitate the adaptation of coaching skills as a way to create a transparent and trusting relationship in teams without harming relationships. Besides that, Roy is always invited by his loyal clients to facilitate leadership development and instill inspiring leadership behaviors. Some of his success stories are: • Transforming senior leaders to empower their people more rather than disempowering them by micromanaging• Cultivating a “people-potential" mindset in rising leaders that can adapt to change quickly and effectively• Enforcing managing expectations in the workplace to create a harmonious environment where people are comfortable in making mistakes and learning together


  • Associate Certified Meta-Coach (p), ISNS, USA
  • Certified Performance Coach, ICF, USA
  • Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional, ITD
  • Motivation Factor Certified Practitioner, Denmark
  • Certified NS-NLP Practitioner, ISNS, USA
  • PSMB Certified Trainer
  • Group & Team Meta-Coaching
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