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Xamarin and Mobile App Development


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Xamarin and Mobile App Development


If you have all the time and money in the world, you can build an Android app and an iOS app and a Windows app in their native environment. But what if you don't have all the time in the world? How can you write an app that works everywhere without having to re-write code multiple times? This is where Xamarin comes in. In this module you'll learn how to use C# to conquer all platforms.

• Mobile development
• Architecture
• Deployment Environments
• Cross-Platform Development
• Core and Platform-Specific Projects
• Sharing Code across projects


Training target group includes people performing key activities inside the development teams. Course is targeted to developers, team leaders, testers and development managers interested is broadly understanding Xamarin framework, development platform and tools related to real world development in C# and Xamarin SDK.


Participants of this course need to have a good understanding of C# and a notion of mobile app development.


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion and practical exercise.


Building a mobile app is never building one app. It's building an app for Android, one for Windows and one for iOS. Learning three platforms is time consuming, but the real problem is having to write the same code three times. Xamarin allows us to do this in a much more efficient way. One language to rule them all: C#, while staying true to the platform. Xamarin is based upon Mono, the open source implementation of the .NET runtime. By combining reusable C# code and platform-specific views, Xamarin is able to create cross-platform native apps with all features and the power the native platform has to offer.

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Module 1 - Xamarin overview

• iOS

• Android
• Forms
• Windows Universal apps
• Windows phone apps

Module 2 - Solutions Architecture – Cross Platform development

• Shared code project creation

• Portable Class libraries
• MVC design
• Service-oriented architecture
• Testing

Module 3 - Windows Universal and Windows Phone apps


• Layout controls

• Form Controls

• Navigation Controls

• Windows Universal apps

• Windows Phone apps

Module 4 - Xamarin Android App Development

• Test, debug, and fix Xamarin.Android apps

• Set up Android development environment

• Create Android Views

• Activities, Intents

• Call Android Services

• Oauth 2

Module 5 - XamariniOS App Development

• Test, debug, and fix Xamarin.iOS apps

• Set up an iOS development environment
• Create iOS Views
• iOS Controls
• Table Views
• Navigation controllers

Module 6 - Cross Platform Development Using Xamarin Forms

• Controls

• Understand XAML

• Page Views

• Layout Views

• Scrollable Views

Module 7 - Navigation

• Master-Detail Views

• Tabbed Views

• Drill-Downs

• Modal Views

• Navigation patterns

Module 8 - Data Binding

• Data Binding – SQLite Database

• XAML Data Binding Syntax


• MVVM Design Pattern

• Data Access Classes

Module 9 - Access And Use Of Web Services

• Access Services

• Using Web API to build services

Module 10 - Deployment Of Cross Platform Apps

• Deploy Android Apps to Google Play Store

• Deploy iOS apps to App Store

Selvakumar A/L Arunasalam

Selvakumar A/L Arunasalam

Selvakumar@Selva is well known in the industry to be an experienced software and application developer with extensive knowledge in various development areas. With over 15 years of experience in software application development, web application development, database programming, and technical training for government and corporate sector. Since 2011 Selva has focused on Android, Xamarin, Java, Microsoft SharePoint, Content Management Server (now Microsoft SharePoint Web Content Management), Commerce Server, BizTalk, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Oracle. Selva has used advanced Internet programming techniques to link business databases (MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle) and websites, providing improved service, sales, and knowledge to business customers over the years. Selva also have developed mobile web applications using advanced JavaScript and HTML 5 on the front-end with Java, ColdFusion, and PHP on the backend. Mobile applications leverage REST-based web services to provide dynamic data while minimizing coupling. Selva has successfully delivered large solutions and much proof of concept/prototype solutions using these Microsoft & Oracle products and technologies. Selva's has served for Petronas, IBM, VADS, Safeguards Corporation, Cycle & Carriage, Casa Global and Sentral Technology for substantial amount of years before becoming a technical trainer. Selva has also worked on the product planning and implementation of a number of commercial products. Selva has been delivering on-site training on Database Administration and Development using Oracle, SQL, SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS to various Multinational and Governmental Organizations in the Asia Pacific Region. Read More

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