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Twitter Marketing and Advertising Certification Training - Simplilearn


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Twitter Marketing and Advertising Certification Training - Simplilearn


Simplilearn’s course on Twitter Marketing and Advertising is a tailored personalized course to enable the professional gain a thorough knowledge on the aspects of this social networking site and make the best use of this latest marketing strategy.


Twitter Marketing and Advertising is great course for marketers. Twitter is an efficient marketing strategy to attract website traffic, to improve brand awareness and generate revenue.

• The professional has an expertise in expanding businesses to a wider geographical area through Twitter

• Experienced and skilled marketers have immense demand in the job market.

• Career is not restricted to one sector, every industry is now looking at Social Media to expand their business, create awareness and create awareness globally as Twitter is gaining more ground and is attracting a lot of new users.


Twitter Marketing and Advertising Course offers the following benefits:

• Learn to create compelling condensed tweets to grab the attention of the reader

• Incorporate the latest strategies to tweet information to increase brand awareness

• Able to connect to a larger crowd by using keywords

• Increase traffic to the website

• Learn to generate revenue by turning viewers to potential leads or sales.

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Module 1: Leveraging Twitter, Part 1: Understanding Twitter

• Overview

• Introduction
• What Is Twitter?
• Twitter Then & Now
• Popularity In The USA
• Popularity Internationally
• Twitter Demographics
• Marketing Impact
• Coming Up

Module 2: Leveraging Twitter, Part 2: Twitter Marketing Foundations

• Overview

• Introduction

• Twitter Looking Like Facebook

• Twitter Profile Dimensions

• Designing Your Header

• Image Post Tips

• Twitter Video

• Embeddable Tweets

• URL Shorteners

• How Many Accounts?

• What Are Hashtags?

• Joining Existing Hashtags

• Understanding Hashtags

• Why Retweets Matter

• Creating A Twitter List

• Leveraging Twitter Lists

• Coming Up

Module 3: Leveraging Twitter, Part 3: Twitter Search & Twitter Cards

• Overview

• Introduction

• Advanced Search

• Twitter Search Campaign Prep

• Other Uses For Search

• Twitter Cards Overview

• Summary Cards

• Large Photo & Products Cars

• Player Cards

• Enabling Twitter Cards On Your Site

• Conversion & Campaign Card

• More Ways To Leverage Cards

Module 4: Leveraging Twitter, Part 4: Define a Goal & Create a Strategy

• Overview

• Introduction

• Twitter strategy

• Twitter’s marketing impact

• Build a strategy

• Goals and team define strategy

• Brand building

• Credibility boosting

• Reputation management

• JetBlue example: reputation management

• Driving conversions

• Automation advice

• Coming up

Module 5: Leveraging Twitter, Part 5: Twitter Tools

• Overview

• Introduction

• Client & tool consideration

• Tools for team management

• Tools for content research

• Tools for influencer research

• Native analytics

• Top twitter items

• In-depth analytics

• Tracking conversation

• Goal tracking

Module 6: Twitter Advertising, Part 1: Understanding the Options

• Overview

• Introduction

• Twitter Advertising Space

• Understanding Twitter Ads

• Understanding Promoted Accounts

• Reasons For Promoted Accounts

• Understanding Promoted Tweets

• Reasons For Promoted Tweets

• Understanding Promoted Trends

• Reasons For Promoted Trends

• Coming Up

Module 7: Twitter Advertising, Part 2: Understanding Targeting & Bids

• Overview

• Introduction

• Start With Twitter Ads

• Marketing Platform Partners

• Certified Partner Program

• Ad Targeting

• Promoted Tweet

• Keep In Mind

• Coming Up

Module 8: Twitter Advertising, Part 3: Advanced Twitter Targeting with TV Ads

• Overview

• Introduction

• Two-Screen Popularity & Behaviours

• Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings

• Twitter Amplify Potential

• Twitter Amplify

• TV Conversation Targeting

• Coming Up

Module 9: Twitter Advertising, Part 4: Increased Ad Engagement with Twitter Card

• Overview

• Introduction

• Challenge Of Twitter Marketing

• Introducing Twitter Cards

• Types Of Twitter Cards

• Setting Up Twitter Cards

• Tailored Audiences

• CRM Targeting

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