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Tableau Server 10 Qualified Associate Training - Simplilearn

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Simplilearn's Tableau Server 10 Qualified associate course is designed to impart in-depth understanding and skills to implement, administer, and manage Tableau 10 server. This course is designed for Tableau server users and administrators. Participants will receive a well-rounded understanding of Tableau Server 10, including how to manage account settings, set authorizations and permissions along with learning how to navigate the server, manage content, workbooks, and views. The course also includes command line tools, JavaScript API and REST API.

The course is best suited for IT professionals and developers who have are looking to gain expertise with Tableau Server 10, and is best suited for:

  • Software Developers, System Administrators, Data Scientists, Analysts
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting professionals, Visual Analysts, Project Managers
  • Those who aspire to a career in real-time big data analytics

Tableau Server 10 training is incomplete without practical learning. In this course, you will work on two live projects that will provide you with real-world scenarios to solve. The two project included in the course are:

Accessing the revision history:

Perform an analysis on the education system to analyze the performance of different colleges based on gender and ethnicity.

Create a development and production environment:

Develop a solution that ensures users are able to publish and share their analysis, tools, and discoveries in a convenient and easily accessible environment.

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to :

  • Install, activate, and configure Tableau Server. It will also help you to create credentials and permissions
  • Upgrade Tableau server, check for high availability, ensure security, and manage the performance of Tableau performance
  • Administrate Tableau Server: manage account settings, sites projects, groups, users, etc.
  • Manage user credentials and permission as well as manage content
  • Navigate the server: pages, sites and views
  • Interact with views, including sharing and downloading server views as well as subscribing and unsubscribing views
  • Embed views in third-party applications
  • Share, manage, and embed data sources as well as edit data source connections
  • Use command line tools and learn about JavaScript API and REST API


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  • Back ground information on Tableau Server
  • Introduction to Tableau Server, What’s new, and its Hardware Configuration Information
  • Installation and Activation of Tableau Server
  • Tableau Server Configuration Utilities
  • Ports and Drivers in Tableau Server
  • Creating Credentials and Permissions
  • Reconfiguring Tableau Server
  • Upgrading the Tableau Server
  • Troubleshoot Issues with Installing and Upgrading
  • Working with Distributed Environment and Worker Nodes
  • Checking High Availability
  • Tableau Server Security
  • Maintenance and Performance of Tableau Server
  • Tableau Server Monitor
  • Sign-in as an Administrator to Tableau Server
  • Managing Account Settings
  • Sites, Projects, Groups, Users
  • User Credentials and Permissions
  • Managing Content
  • Content Pages
  • Navigation to Sites and Views
  • Actions for a View
  • Share and Download Server Views
  • Subscribe and Unsubscribe Views
  • Ways to Interact with a View
  • Web Authoring Workspace
  • Create and Edit Views
  • Embed Views
  • Revision History
  • Manage Revision History
  • Share and Manage Data Sources
  • Embedded Data Sources
  • Edit Data Source Connections
  • Ownership Management
  • Site Roles
  • Permissions for a Project
  • Content Permissions
  • JavaScript API and REST API


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