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Symantec NetBackup 7.5 for Unix/Windows Administration


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Symantec NetBackup 7.5 for Unix/Windows Administration


This Symantec NetBackup 7.5: Administration course provides the IT professional with instruction on the functionality of Symantec NetBackup 7.5 software. This course covers the general principles of using NetBackup to develop and implement a storage management strategy, including how to:

  • Install, configure, and operate NetBackup 7.5.
  • Manage NetBackup using the graphical interfaces, commands, and scripts.
  • Provide service protection and recovery.
  • Use the NetBackup Activity Monitor, NetBackup reports, and Ops Center to monitor NetBackup activity.


This course is for entry-level system administrators, system engineers, technical support personnel, and system integration staff who are responsible for the installation, configuration, design, operation, monitor ing, and performance optimization of NetBackup.


Students must be familiar w ith the administration and configuration of the platforms that are covered by the course.


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentations, discussions and practical exercises


Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to :

  • Discuss the challenges of performing backups in today's enterprise computing env ironments.
  • Describe the functions of the master, media, and EMM servers and clients.
  • Diagram the NetBackup product architecture.
  • Define common ter ms used in the NetBackup product.
  • Describe how NetBackup backs up and restores data.
  • Identify NetBackup options and agents.
  • Install and ver ify NetBackup.
  • Use the NetBackup Administration Console and Ops Center.
  • Describe the various tape and dis k storage types.
  • Configure tape-based devices and volume pools; perform a robot inventory.
  • Configure bas ic disk storage units and AdvancedDisk pools.
  • Configure file system backup policies and schedules.
  • Perform manual backups.
  • Restore files using the BA R GUI and OpsCenter operational restore.
  • Monitor NetBackup backup and restore jobs and perform basic troubleshooting and information gathering steps related to failing jobs.
  • Describe the various methods of backup image duplication.
  • Configure Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLP s) and initiate jobs that use SLPs.
  • Back up and recover the NetBackup catalogs.
  • Monitor NetBackup using the NetBackup Activity Monitor, NetBackup reports, and Ops Center.
  • Configure and manage disk pools.
  • Optimize file system backups using incremental backups, file system snapshots, multiplexing, synthetic backups and multiple data streams.
  • Identify backup requirements for application backups, database backups, and virtual machine backups.
  • Identify the resources available for troubleshooting NetBackup.
  • Use the nbcplogs utility to gather NetBackup debug logs and NBSU data.

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Introducing Netbackup
  • Introduction to data protection
  • The Net Backup environment
  • NetBackup concepts
  • NetBackup options and agents
Installing Netbackup
  • Preparing for NetBackup installation and configuration
  • Using the pre-installation utility
  • Installing your NetBackup environment
  • Installing NetBackup clients
  • Verifying your NetBackup installation

Using The Netbackup Administrative Interfaces
  • The NetBackup Administration Console
  • NetBackup Ops Center
Configuring Tape Storage And Media
  • NetBackup storage concepts
  • Configuring tape devices
  • Configuring media
  • Verifying tape storage
Configuring Disk Storage
  • Basic NetBackup storage
  • Configuring basic NetBackup disk storage
  • Configuring AdvancedDisk
  • Verifying disk storage
  • Additional NetBackup storage concepts
Configuring File System Backups
  • Introduction to backup policies
  • Configuring file system backup policies
Performing File System Backups And Restores
  • Performing manual backup operations
  • Performing restore operations
  • Backup and restore job tips
Protecting Backup Data
  • Backup duplication concepts
  • Using Storage Lifecycle Policies
  • Introduction to Auto Image Replication
  • Introduction to NetBackup Vault
Protecting The Netbackup Configuration
  • Introduction to NetBackup catalogs
  • Managing images
  • Performing catalog backup and recovery operations
  • Disaster recovery strategies
  • Catalog-related tips
Monitoring Netbackup
  • Monitoring NetBackup jobs
  • Monitoring NetBackup activity
  • Managing jobs
  • Monitoring NetBackup health
Managing And Optimizing Tape Storage
  • Managing robots and tape drives
  • Managing shared tape devices
  • Monitoring media and media states
  • Managing tapes and media utilization
  • Media- and device-related tips

Managing And Optimizing Disk Storage
  • Comparing disk storage features
  • Managing basic disk and DSSU
  • Managing Advanced Disk and disk pools
  • Disk-related tips
Optimizing File System Backups
  • File system backup concepts
  • Using incremental backups
  • Introduction to file system snapshots
  • Using multiple data streams
  • Optimizing tape drive performance using multiplexing
  • Using synthetic backups
  • Using FlashBackup
Introduction To Enterprise Backups
  • Application protection concepts
  • Database backup concepts
  • Enterprise application backup concepts
  • Virtual machine protection concepts
Working With Support
  • Support resources
  • NetBackup processes, services, and daemons
  • Using the nbcplogs utility
  • Configuring NetBackup debug logging levels
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