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Strategic and Creative Thinking Dimensions


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Strategic and Creative Thinking Dimensions


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions and practical exercise


At the end of the session, participants should be able to:

• Understand the framework of strategic and creative thinking

• Establish the FOUR (4) perspectives of strategic thinking

• Establish FOUR (4) essentials of strategic & creative thinking

• Apply the SIX (6) angles of creative thinking

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Module 1: The FOUR (4) essential understandings of strategic & creative thinking

• Understand the establishment of strategic business objectives

• Determine departmental strategic goals/ actions
• Execute strategic actions in a creative manner
• Monitor and review strategic and creative actions

Module 2: Demonstrate strategic thinking, planning and actions

• Think and plan EFFECTIVELY – Doing the right things

• Think and plan EFFICIENTLY – Doing things right
• Think, plan and act on the RIGHT thing versus Think, plan and act on the POPULAR thing

Module 3: The FOUR (4) perspectives of strategic thinking

• What are the current plans, actions and/or values that should be ‘Eliminated’?

• What are the current plans, actions and/or values that should be ‘Reduced’?

• What are the current plans, actions and/or values that could be ‘Raised’?

• What are the current plans, actions and/or values that could be ‘Created’?

Module 4: The FOUR (4) essentials to promote strategic and creative thinking

• Understand the principles of think outside and within the box

• Identify practices that help promote creativity and innovation

• Explain the connection between courage, confidence and creativity

• Nurture new ideas and solutions as a team

 Establish brainstorming platform for generating Ideas

 Describe the conditions that make for effective brainstorming

Module 5: Generate and choose strategic alternatives creatively by using the concept of Six Thinking Hats

• Put up your Blue & White Thinking Hats

 Blue Hat – Focus on one issue at a time

 White Hat – Accumulate the necessary information on the focused issue

• Put up your Green, Yellow, Black & Red Thinking Hats

 Green Hat – Establish possible alternatives/ solutions

 Yellow Hat – Determine advantages of possible alternatives/ solutions to all parties-concerned

• Black Hat – Determine possible disadvantages of possible alternatives/ solutions to all parties-concerned

• Red Hat – Determine feelings and emotion in decision making

Dr. Teoh Chen Ning

Dr. Teoh Chen Ning

With his previous attachment as a Learning Advisor in Resorts World Berhad (Genting) and current attachment to the Management & Science University as a Doctoral Scholastic Researcher, he has vast management knowledge, particularly in the area of Strategic Organisational Development and strong capabilities in Competency Workplace Training, both in the service and manufacturing industries. With this, he has extensively involved in the development and delivery of workplace training for numerous turnkey initiatives, especially on the continuous improvement programmes towards achievement of service and product quality requirements of Multi-National Corporations like Philip Morris International, Daikin, Globetronics, NXP, Epson, F&N, ON Semiconductor, Kansai Paint, Intel, Hextar Bank of China, Ambank, Asian Banking Schools, OSK Group, ZTE, DIGI, XOX, ShinYang Group, PLUS, UEM, BPPA, Stamford Tyres, AEON, Taylor's University and Handal Indah (Causeway Link) to name a few. Through his deep enthusiasm in adult learning, he has also successfully demonstrated his capability and passion in developing and delivering various soft skills trainings, through his state-of-the-art experiential learning approach to embed learners to 'SEE' and 'THINK' in various perspectives, while 'LISTEN' to diverse thoughts, in order to establish the 'FEEL' to adopt and put learning into practice.. Dr Teoh is highly sought after, due to his well-known strategic facilitation of organizational development initiatives, from the establishment of organizational vision, missions & values to strategy mapping and performance management, plus implementation of change initiatives towards continuous improvement. Throughout his years in training & consulting field, he has proven track records in managing organizational development initiatives in corporations like Handal Indah (Malaysian public transportation, ancillary, transportation control system, petrol kiosk and printing group of companies), EEW (German oil & gas steel-based company), Epson (Japanese electronics company), Hextar Groups of Companies (Malaysian chemical based corporation), NGC (Oman oil & gas company) and Kajang Rocks (Malaysia quary based company) to name a few. Read More

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