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Scala Programming Course - Simplilearn

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Course Details

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Simplilearn’s online Scala programming course is for beginners. It introduces learners to the fundamentals of Scala. This includes functional programming, object orientation, multiple inheritance with traits, collections, programming with options and pattern matching. The course will also help students understand variables, conditionals, loops, functions and classes present in Scala.

Simplilearn’s Scala Programming course is ideal for programming enthusiasts who want to learn a new, functional and derivative language of Java. Anyone looking to improve their code and become a better engineer or developer should take this course.

Prior programming experience is beneficial.

By the end of this course, you will gain confidence to code in Scala and progressively learn the advanced level in Scala programming. The course helps you to do the following:

• Install Scala successfully

• Write and run your Scala code

• Manipulate string

• Learn about lists and maps

• Incorporate loops and conditionals in your program

• Create arrays and functions

• Understand features of Scala like Polymorphism, Inheritance, and many more

• Acquire knowledge on file I/O and exception handling


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• Introduction

• What is Scala and Installing

• Your First Scala Program

• Variables and Constants

• String Manipulations

• Variable Length Arrays

• List and Maps Introduction

• Sets

• Immutable Maps

• Conditionals

• Element Traversing and Streams

• Tuples and Zipping

• List Manipulations

• Conditionals and Loops

• Advanced Looping

• Project Instructions

• Project Solution I

• Project Solution II

• Summary

• Introduction

• Statements and Expressions Introduction

• Expression Blocks and Pattern Guards

• Match-All and Wildcards

• Down Casting and Closures

• Project Instructions

• Project Solution

• Summary

• Introduction

• Functions introduction

• Functions Advanced

• Project

• Summary

• Introduction

• Class construction

• Auxiliary Constructors and Lazy Values

• Inheritance & Abstract Classes

• Polymorphism

• Project

• Summary

• Introduction

• File I/O

• Exceptions

• Project

• Summary


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