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SDF: Service Desk Foundation

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SDI© Service Desk Foundation is an entry level course for new service desk specialist which is designed to develop a sound understanding of their roles and responsibilities, industry standards, best practices, tools, processes, skill sets and experience that enhance their capability in delivering services that meet today's business world.

This course also covers service management best practices such as Incident Management, Service Level Management, Quality Assurance and the application of various service management tools. It also aims to provide a holistic understanding on the key elements that drive an effective, efficient and economical service desk.

The course encourages students to participate in group exercises and discussions in order to inject real life experience in the modern Service Desk. Students are encouraged to debate on the skills, knowledge and best practices learnt during the class against the actual application of the information learnt through exercise and case study

The SDF qualification course is designed for existing and aspiring service desk agents and supervisors who wish to develop their understanding of service desk management practices and build a set of management skills

Intended for new service desk specialist or staff in a telephone customer support environment who wants to seek best practices and industry standards to enhance their skills, knowledge and experience

This program will be delivered through SDI© Service Desk Foundation classroom workbook containing all of the presentation materials, course notes, case study and sample exams.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Clear understanding of the importance of customer facing, telephone based IT support in today's business environment and the role of the service desk
  • Knowledge of core service management processes (incident and problem) and where the service desk fits in to them
  • Everything you need to know about the role of an analyst, the responsibilities and the service desk management
  • An understanding of how to deliver efficient and effective support in the service desk environment
  • Confidence to deliver professional support
  • An understanding of Service Level Agreement and their importance
  • An understanding of the need for and value of service desk metrics
  • An internationally recognized introductory level qualification for IT Service and support professionals


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  • Learn about the role that service, support and the service desk plays within an organization
  • To understand the concepts of best practice within the support industry
  • To recognize and understand the evolution of the service

  • Discover the importance of teamwork, customer relationships and cultural awareness Sourcing Models
  • To learn about sharing work-space with other members of the team and how they can support each other
  • Develop a better understanding of methods for supporting global or multi-cultured organizations

  • Identify and develop the essential competencies for effective customer communication
  • To identify reasons for failures in communication
  • To develop and enhance listening and questioning skills
  • To develop hand-calling skills

  • Learn how to build rapport with customers and successfully deal with conflict
  • To develop methods for acknowledging the customer’s feelings and dealing with their emotions
  • To learn how to handle conflict effectively
  • To develop negotiation skills

  • Develop and maintain a positive approach and attitude in the service environment
  • To identify and understand the cause of stress
  • To develop and maintain a positive support approach and attitude in the service environment
  • To identify and understand the meaning of assertiveness in the support environment

  • Analyses the need for processes and procedures for call handling and the importance of incident management
  • To understand the need for an effective call-handling procedure
  • To understand the role of the support specialist in the incident management process

  • Review the key concepts of service management including service level agreements, escalation, quality assurance, problem, change and knowledge management, security and legal compliance, understanding the benefits of self-help, metrics and customer satisfaction surveys
  • To understand the concept and the benefits of Service Level Agreements
  • To understand the clear escalation process and the manner in which it should be used
  • To learn about the purpose of the problem management process
  • To identify some commonly used security policies and measures


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