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Project Management Essential


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  1. 3 Days
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Project Management Essential


This 3-days Project Management Essentials course is designed for project management enthusiasts who need to know the concept and framework of project management; and how the project management skills can realise benefits and contribute to the project success. This course's key benefit is to allow the participant to explore the project management concept, methodology, tools, and techniques to initiate, plan, execute, and close the project. This course covers both the principle and approach based on the Standard of Project Management.


This course is suitable for Project Managers, Senior Managers, Project Executives, Supervisors and Professionals who are involved or going to be involved in either projects or work that is being treated in a project format.


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion and practical exercise.


• Understand the project management concept and framework,

• Explore the standard ten (10) knowledge areas within project management,

• Understand the process of the project initiation stage,

• Understand the need for project planning,

• Understand how to manage the team during project execution,

• Understand how to monitor and control a project, and

• Understand the essential of closing a project or project phase.

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Module 1: Ice-Breaking & Introduction of the 21st Century Active Learning
Module 2: Introduction of Project Management

• What is Project and Project Management?

• Project Management Environment and Lifecycle.

• Ten (10) Project Management Knowledge Areas

Module 3: Initiate a Project

• Define SMART Objectives and Values for the Project.

• Create a Project Charter.

• Identify and analyse Project Stakeholders.

• Develop a Communications Plan and Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

Module 4: Reflect and Review on Day 1
Module 5: Develop a Project Plan (I)

• Develop Project Management Plan.

• Identify the Project Scope.

• Develop the Project Work Package, Activities and Schedule

• Prepare the Project Budget.

Module 6: Develop a Project Plan (II)

• Identify the Quality needs for the Project.

• Develop the Project Resource Plan.

• Identify the Project Risk and Action Plan.

• Prepare for the Project Procurement Processes.

Module 7: Reflect and Review on Day 2
Module 8: Executing a Project Plan

• Build a Dynamic Team.

• Manage Team Performance and Retrospective.

• Address Conflict and Impediment.

• Manage Stakeholder Engagement and Communications.

Module 9: Understand the Project Monitoring and Controlling

• Validate, and Control Project Works.

• Control the Project Schedule and Cost.

• Monitor Project Risks.

• Perform Change Control in the Project.

Module 10: Understand the Project Closure or Phase

• Lessons Learned

• Project Transition

Module 11: Reflect and Review on Day 3
David Khaw (Khaw Chong Sun)

David Khaw (Khaw Chong Sun)

David started his project management experience in Oil & Gas Information Technology back in the year 2003 as a project engineer. He involved in planning, execution, quality assurance and transition processes. The real experience as a project manager since 2008 when he was a team leader before got himself PMP accreditation in the year 2009. The most memorable project management experience is in the year 2011 when he successfully rescued a nationwide enterprise system upgrade project in Automotive Information Technology from failure planning. His biggest budget project is USD 20 million communication equipment setup for the deep-water platform and the whole ecosystem as a senior project manager throughout the year 2013 and 2015. Now, as Certified Trainer and Coach, he inspires his client to maximise their potential in project management to realising sustainable benefits and creating meaningful values.David is partnering with organisation leaders to achieve their purposeful objectives by realise sustainable benefits and create meaningful values. His mission is possible by aligning organisation leaders’ meaningful values and strategy to their desired outcome using project management and coaching skills. He is delivering workshops & coaching sessions related to organisational strategy, change and project management since 2012 to develop competent project management practitioners to deliver quality outcomes for their organisations. David holds double masters on business administration and project management from the University of Southern Queensland Australia. He also certified Project Management Professional from Project Management Institute (PMI®), US, certified Professional Trainer from International Professional Managers Association, UK, certified Transformative Coach from Coach Masters Academy, Singapore and Neuro-Semantics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnosis and Time-lines Practitioner by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics, US. David is currently a professional trainer and coach. Before that, he was senior project manager managed capital and organisation change projects for a couple of both local and international multi-national companies. Project management and coaching are part of his belief to help the organisation to achieve its vision.David is also a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI®), Project Management Institute Malaysia (PMIMY), International Coach Federation (ICF), International Coach Federation Malaysia Chapter (ICFMY) and Rotary International. As active members, he was PMIMY Director for Giving Back (PMIEF Liaison), PMI Education Foundation (PMIEF) Community Engagement Committee (for Asia-Pacific + Pakistan region), and Youth Director for a Rotary Club. Recently, David being elected as the PMI Malaysia Chapter Secretary. He will participate actively in these communities to advocate the essence of project management and coaching as life skills. Read More

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