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Powerful Visualization Using Power BI


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Powerful Visualization Using Power BI


Microsoft Power BI will help you analyze your organization’s data and uncover insights and trends. This course will show you how to link and model data in Power BI and create visual reports that reveal data insights.


• The purposes and basic functions of the core Power BI components

• Using the Power BI desktop client

• Connecting to multiple data source

• Modelling data

• Creating reports and visualizations


• Sales Executive / Managers

• Business Analysist

• Resource Planning Team

• Project Managers

• Purchasing Manager

• Financial Executive / Managers


user has an intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Database concept


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion, and practical exercise.

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Lesson 1 : Getting Started

• Connecting to an Excel Workbook

• Connecting to a Database

• Connecting to Text/CSV

• Viewing All Connection

• Managing Data Sources

Lesson 2 : Working with Data

• TOPIC A: Transforming and Cleaning Data

o Using Data View

o Cleaning Irregularly Formatted Data

o Managing Columns

• TOPIC B: Using the Query Editor

o Opening the Query Editor

o Using the Query Settings Pane

o Using Merge Queries

o Using Append Queries

• TOPIC C: Data Modeling

o Creating a New Table

o Creating a New Calculated Column

o Creating a New Measure

• TOPIC D: Managing Relationships

o Using the Relationships View

o Creating Relationships

o Editing Relationships

o Deleting Relationships

o Using the Manage Relationships Dialog

Lesson 3 : Working with Reports and Visualizations

• TOPIC A: Creating a Report with Visualizations

o Using the Visualizations Pane

o Using the Fields Pane

o Creating a Visualization

o Interacting with Visualizations

o Changing the Visualization Type

o Moving and Resizing Visualizations

• TOPIC B: Doing More with Visualizations

o Formatting Visualizations

o Viewing Visualization Data

o Using Focus Mode and Spotlight

o Removing a Visualization

• TOPIC C: Managing Report Pages

o Showing and Hiding Pages

o Adding, Deleting & Renaming Pages

• TOPIC D: Changing Report View Options

o Setting Page View Options

o Customizing Your View

o Using Phone vs Desktop Layout

• TOPIC E: Working with Visualizations

o Understanding Drill through Options

o Changing Category and Summarization Options

o Arranging Visualizations

o Editing Interactions

o About Custom Visualizations

• TOPIC F: Adding Static Objects to a Report

o Inserting Pictures

o Inserting Text Boxes

o Inserting Shapes

o Working with Static Objects

Lesson 4 : Getting Various Types of Visualizations

• TOPIC A: Matrixes, Tables, and Charts

o Creating a Table

o Creating a Matrix

o Overview of Chart Types

o Creating Charts

• TOPIC B: Maps

o Creating a Treemap

o Creating a Bubble Map

o Creating a Filled Map

• TOPIC C: Cards, Gauges, and KPIs

o Creating a Card

o Creating a Gauge

o Creating a KPI

• TOPIC D: Slicers

o Creating a Slicer

o Using Slicers

o Customizing Slicer Display

o Changing Slicer Mode

o Changing Slicer Orientation

Jarina Muhamad Ismail

Jarina Muhamad Ismail

Since 2005, Jarina is involved in delivering learning programmes for Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook, Access, Word, Publisher and Visio. As a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in all versions (2003-2013), she is using her expertise to provide timely solutions to the end-user which ranges from basic to advanced level including power users. She has experience in training and coaching various teams of professionals like executives, engineers, managers and directors to organize, analyze, create report and present business data more efficiently.
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