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Perl Programming Course - Simplilearn


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Perl Programming Course - Simplilearn


The course will get you grips with basic concepts of Perl such as scalar data, arrays and lists, hashes, subroutines, etc. The course gives you hands-on experience to help you design Perl applications, automated applications, and complex text analyzer applications.


The course is best suited for programming enthusiasts who have prior knowledge of programming but wish to learn a new language.


By the end of Perl programming certification course, you will be confident to use Perl in real world applications and also gain the following:

• Install Perl successfully

• Write your first Perl program

• Work with scalar data, strings, numbers, variables, operators, loops, arrays, lists, subroutines

• Receive input from standard input

• Send output to standard output

• Use printf to format output

• Work with hash functions

• Implement simple patterns, character classes, match modifier, split functions in Perl applications.

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Module 1 – Introduction to the Course
• Introduction to the Course
Module 2 – Introduction to Perl

• Introduction

• Getting and Installing Perl

• Creating a First Perl Program

• More Advanced Perl Programs Part 1

• More Advanced Perl Programs Part 2

• Conclusion

Module 3 – Working with Scalar Data

• Introduction

• Working With Scalar Data

• Working with strings

• Working with numbers

• Working With Variables

• Getting User Input

• Working with the chomp operator

• Decision-making with if statements

• Looping with while statements

• Conclusion

Module 4 – Working with Arrays and Lists

• Introduction

• Creating arrays

• Accessing arrays via indices

• Creating Lists

• Performing Assignment With Lists

• Converting arrays into strings

• Using the foreach loop on arrays and lists

• Understanding scalar and list context

• Understanding in scalar context

• Conclusion

Module 5 - Working with Subroutines

• Introduction

• Subroutine Definitions

• Calling Subroutines

• Working with subroutine return values

• Subroutine Arguments

• Using variable-length parameter lists

• Using The Return Operator

• Private variables in subroutines

• Conclusion

Module 6 - Perl Input and Output

• Introduction

• Receiving input from standard input

• Working with Input from the Diamond Operator

• Sending output to standard output

• Using printf to format output

• Working With Filehandles

• Handling fatal errors with die

• Conclusion

Module 7 – Hashes

• Introduction

• Hashes defined and demonstrated

• Accessing hash elements

• Working with Hash Functions

• Conclusion

Module 8 - Working with Regular Expressions

• Introduction

• Matching in list context

• Working with the substitutions using///

• Working With Split Function

• Working With The Join Function

• Conclusion

Module 10 – Final Project

• Final Project Overview

• Final Project Explanation Part 1

• Final Project Explanation Part 2

• Final Project Explanation Part 3

Module 11 – Conclusion

• Conclusion

• Closing Message

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