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PeopleSoft Base Benefits - U.S. Rel 9.2 Ed 1

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Course Details

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This PeopleSoft Base Benefits - U.S. Rel 9.2 (HCM Update Image 15) training gives you the tools to manage your employee benefit programs. It enables you to set up your basic benefits system architecture and manually enroll employees and their dependents into the benefits system.

  • Developer
  • Functional Implementer
  • Reports Developer
  • System Analysts

Required Prerequisites:

  • Able to run processes and reports.
  • Understanding of basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts.
  • Use of control tables to enforce business rules.

Suggested Prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of HR control tables
  • PeopleSoft Base Benefits - U.S. Rel 9.2 NEW
  • Understanding of HR employee data

This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentations, discussions and practical exercises

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Set up payroll deductions for benefit plans.
  • Define and manage benefit plans and programs.
  • Enroll employees, dependents, and beneficiaries in benefit plans.
  • Describe the PeopleSoft Human Resources Base Benefits business process.
  • Calculate benefit deduction amounts.
  • Use eBenefits self-service functionality.
  • Use multiple jobs within Benefits.
  • Introduce ACA set up tables in Base Benefits


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  • Describing How Base Benefits Fits Into PeopleSoft HCM
  • Describing the Phases of the Benefits Process
  • Describing the Relationship Between Benefit Tables and Employee Data
  • Describing the PeopleSoft Human Resources Base Benefits Components
  • Setting Up Payroll Deduction Codes for Benefit Plans
  • Determining Deduction Classifications
  • Specifying Deduction Tax Effects
  • Determining Settings for Specific Processing
  • Specifying the Frequency of Benefit Deductions
  • Identifying Health Plan Components
  • Adding a Plan Provider
  • Setting Up a Benefit Plan and a Health Plan
  • Defining Coverage Codes
  • Establishing Rate Types and Rates for a Benefit Plan
  • Adding a Health Plan to a Benefit Program
  • Identifying Life Insurance Plan Components
  • Defining a Life Insurance Plan
  • Defining Coverage Rates
  • Defining Calculation Rules
  • Adding a Life Insurance Plan to a Benefit Program
  • Identifying Disability Plan Components
  • Setting Up a Formula
  • Creating a Disability Plan
  • Establishing Coverage Rates Based on Length of Service
  • Adding a Disability Plan to a Benefit Program
  • Identifying Savings Plan Components
  • Defining a Savings Plan
  • Setting Up the Service Step Table
  • Setting Up Savings Plan Limits
  • Setting Up Age 50 Catch-up Contributions
  • Adding a Savings Plan to a Benefit Program
  • Identifying Leave Plan Components
  • Defining Leave Plans
  • Establishing Earnings Codes for Leave Categories
  • Adding a Leave Plan to a Benefit Program
  • Identifying Spending Account Plan Components
  • Creating and Defining FSA and HSA Plans
  • Adding a Spending Account Plan to a Benefit Program
  • Identifying the Pages Used to Hire an Employee
  • Viewing Job Related Information for an Employee
  • Setting Up Dependent and Beneficiary Data
  • Assigning Employees to Benefit Programs
  • Enrolling Employees in Benefit Plans
  • Viewing Employee Benefit Enrollments
  • Overriding Deduction Information
  • Setting Up Tables Used to Calculate Deductions
  • Calculating Deductions
  • Viewing Calculated Deductions Online
  • Confirming Deduction Amounts
  • Processing Leave Accruals
  • Viewing Employee Leave Accrual Balances Online
  • Running the Benefit Program Report
  • Creating a New Benefit Program using the Benefit Program Clone Utility
  • Changing Employee Enrollments in Benefit Plans
  • Describing Affordable Care Act — Employer Shared Responsibility
  • Introducing the Set Up Tables for Managing ACA Regulations in Base Benefits
  • Describing Consent Processing
  • Describing ACA Safe Harbor Codes and Safe Harbor Relief Groups
  • Explaining Self-Service Benefits Functionality
  • Setting Up eBenefits
  • Configuring the Life Event pages
  • Using the PeopleSoft Fluid Interface to manage self-service benefits transactions on tablets and smartphones
  • Describing Multiple Jobs
  • Grouping Jobs with Benefit Record Numbers
  • Identifying Primary Jobs
  • Calculating Benefit Deductions for Multiple Jobs



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