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Operational Efficiency Management


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Operational Efficiency Management


This training programme provides the participants with the fundamental LEAN tools to initiate and implement LEAN practices at the workplace. It helps to establish an effective baseline towards continuous improvement in operational efficiency. This learning workshop also provides an overview of the concept and procedures for adopting the A3 Thinking Process with strong emphasis on the Toyota Way of solving problems, creating corrective/ preventive plans and getting new things done, via Kaizen.


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion and practical exercise.


At the end of this programme, participants should be able to:

• Apply the fundamental concept of LEAN Operating System,

• Recognize the SEVEN (7) wastes at the workplace to be eliminated to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency,

• Adopt the necessary and relevant LEAN techniques to identify opportunities for improvement towards operational excellence at the workplace.

• Apply the concept of Toyota A3 Thinking Process with emphasis on PDCA Cycle towards continuous improvement

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Module 1: Introduction of LEAN Management Concept (The Toyota Way in Service Industry)

• Understand Toyota Way and its key principles in service industry

• Understand Toyota Production System and its ultimate objectives, in the context of service industry

o Reduce issues or waste in the ‘transportation’ perspective

o Reduce issues or waste in the ‘inventory’ perspective
o Reduce issues or waste in the ‘movement’ perspective
o Reduce issues or waste in the ‘waiting time’ perspective
o Reduce issues or waste in the ‘over processing’ perspective
o Reduce issues or waste in the ‘over production’ perspective
o Reduce issues or waste in the ‘defect’ perspective
• Understand Toyota Way of problem solving and decision making towards continuous improvement in the service industry
o The importance of Root Cause Problem Solving (RCPS)
o The importance of Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA Cycle)

Module 2: Apply the Toyota problem solving and decision-making tools & techniques, in the service industry

• The 7 QC Tools

o How to apply the Check Sheet?

o How to apply the Pareto Chart

o How to apply the Fishbone Diagram?

o How to apply the Scatter Diagram?

o How to apply the Histogram?

o How to apply the Control Chart?

o How to apply Graph effectively?

• Conduct brainstorming session, the Toyota Way

o How to apply the ‘Why Why’ Analysis?

o The Poka Yoke Way of ‘5W1H’ information gathering technique

Module 3: Apply the SEVEN (7) elements of the A3 Thinking Process towards Continuous Improvement (Kaizen), in the service industry

• Element 1: Problem definition

o Determine the background of the problem

o Specify problem concisely

o Establish the formula of ‘Ideal State – Current State = Problem’

• Problem description and goal setting

o Quantify the problem – Who, What, When, Where, How, How much

o Set goals to achieve, based on the problem identified

• Perform Root Cause Analysis

o Identify point(s) of cause of the problem

o Identify root cause of the problem

• Develop countermeasure, corrective and preventive Actions

o Develop corrective actions

o Develop preventive actions

• Implement corrective and preventive actions

o Set measurement for execution effectiveness and efficiency

• Validate effectiveness (verifications)

o Confirm if goal(s) are achieved

• Standardized solutions & share lessons learnt

Module 4: Generate A3 Report

• What is an A3 report?

• Apply the A3 report format

Azman Bin Ithnin

Azman Bin Ithnin

Azman came from a humble background of a small village in Johor but always seen as a bright and straight A's student since his tender years. He obtained multiple scholarships offers during his study time since 13 years old. He believes that knowledge is “power" to everything that we do. As a program manager for LEAN Manufacturing, he has gone through a Training for Ketachigai Improvement Program (KIP) based on Toyota Production System (TPS) which was also known as “Toyota Way". He is an expert and has a deep knowledge in the 8 elements required in implementing the KIP and a competent coach and mentor for the program. With this, he involves extensively on continuous improvement activities such as 5S, Kaizen, machine efficiencies, productivity improvement and problem-solving methodology towards achieving the service and product quality required by MNC's. His Engineering background helps to develop his analytical thinking in statistics, 7 Quality Control (QC) Tools, Six Sigma, Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) & Fundamental of project management. This proof to be useful when analyzing a case study situation. While delivering his training, he usually relates an actual scenario based on his experience to make the learning more meaningful. Throughout his career, Azman develops a deep passion and interest in coaching and mentoring. He has given a number of motivational & career talks to University students across Malaysia through his involvement with Young Professional Chamber (PROMUDA). He promotes learning with his 4 philosophy of “FEEL", “THINK", “SAY" and “DO" to encourage execution of plan to succeed. His witty, relaxing and impromptu inspiring stories manage to capture the audience while delivering his talks. He was chosen and acted as a main actor in 1 episode for NTV7 TV program name “Career X-Pose" in 2005 to portray the life of Product Engineer in a MNC Semiconductor Engineering Industry. During his free time, he is an avid cyclist where he has joined and completed many century rides across Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand. He is also into sports like rugby, football, volleyball, badminton & bowling. Not forgetting – a Manchester United supporter. Read More

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