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This course ensures that you learn the practical applications of the latest version of the statistical tool, Minitab® 17 and excel at the tools used by both Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt professionals.

The course covers 9 case studies in the domains of Healthcare, IT and IT Services, and Manufacturing, and each case study describes a problem and its solution using Minitab® 17.

Minitab is most beneficial for organizations that encourage employees to take up efficiency/ quality projects and bring in key insights using data analysis. This course is most suited for:

• Individuals looking forward to learn data analysis using Minitab

• Analysts

• Quality System Managers

• Quality Engineers

• Quality Supervisors

• Quality Auditors

The course does not have any prerequisites, and it is not limited to only Six Sigma professionals. Any individual or professional keen on analysis of data can learn to use Minitab® 17 and interpret the analysis.

By the end of Minitab training you will be able to:

• Process key statistical data operations using Minitab

• Export data to various MS office applications

• Understand and apply various statistical tools in various quality projects

• Understand and remove common pitfalls in data analysis

• Master all statistical tools/topics needed for Green/Black belt projects


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• Overview and Imp of Minitab

• Worksheet Format and Structure
• Data Windows Conventions
• Menu Bar Overview
• Quiz
• summary

• Transferring data from MS Excel to Minitab

• Transfer Data from Excel to Minitab Demo

• Exporting Analysis data from Minitab to Word and PPT

• Export Analysis Data from Minitab to PPT and Word Demo

• Exporting data from Session Window to Word and PPT

• Exporting data Session Window to Word and PPT Demo

• Quiz

• Summary

• Case Study of Healthcare

• Generate Bar Chart in Minitab

• Generating Bar Chart Demo

• Using Pie Chart

• Pie Chart Demo

• Computing Pareto Chart

• Pareto Chart Demo

• Defining Normality Test

• Normality Test Demo

• Preparing Run Chart

• Run Chart Demo

• Creating Histogram

• Histogram Demo

• Creating Box Plot

• Generate Box Plot Demo

• Categorizing Measuring CT and Spread

• Measuring Central Tendency and Spread Demo

• Examine Sample Size Determination

• Sample Size Determination Demo

• Use Control Charts for Continuous Data

• Control Charts for Continuous Data Demo

• Quiz

• Summary

• Sorting Data

• Sorting Data Demo

• Project Duration

• Using Calculator

• Apply Formulas to Columns

• Applying Formulas to Columns Demo

• Changing Data Types

• Changing Data Type Demo

• Process Capability Indices

• Process Capability Indices Demo

• Don Plot

• Don Plot Demo

• Individual Value Plot

• Individual Value Plot Demo

• Interval Plot

• Interval Plot Demo

• Scatter Plot

• Scatter Plot Demo

• Calculate Z Value

• Calculate Z Value Demo

• Identify Distribution

• Identify Distribution Demo

• Transform data to Normal distribution

• Transform data to Normal distribution Demo

• Control Charts for Discrete Data

• Control Charts for Discrete Data Demo

• Quiz

• Summary

• Measurement System Analysis

• Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Analysis Method

• Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Analysis Method Demo

• Attribute Repeatability and Reproducibility Analysis Method

• Attribute Repeatability and Reproducibility Analysis Method D

• conclusion

• Quiz

• summary

• Generate CCA in Minitab

• Interpret Correlation Coefficient Analysis

• Interpreting Correlation Coefficient Analysis Demo

• Conclusion

• Use of Contour Graph

• Create Contour Graph Demo

• Hypothesis Test for Normally Distributed Data

• 2 Sample t Test Demo

• Hypothesis 1 Sample t-Test

• 1 Sample t Test Demo

• Hypothesis-Paired t-Test

• Paired t Test Demo

• Quiz

• summary

• Simple Linear Regression

• Simple Linear Regression in Minitab Demo

• Conclusion

• Multiple Regression

• Multiple Regression in Minitab Demo

• Conclusion

• Quiz

• Summary

• Non Parametric Tests

• Sample Sign test in Minitab Demo

• Hypothesis-2 Sample Mann Whitney U Test

• 2 Sample Mann Whitney U Test in Minitab Demo

• Hypothesis-Kruskal Wallis Test

• Kruskal Wallis Test in Minitab Demo

• Quiz

• Summary

• Analysis of Variance

• Test of Normality Demo

• Analyze the next assumption

• Test of Equal Variances Demo

• One-way ANOVA test Demo

• Conclusion

• Main Effects Plot

• Main Effects Plot Demo

• Interaction Plot

• Interaction Plot Demo

• Conclusion

• Quiz

• Summary

• Chi-Square Testing

• Chi Square Test of Independence using Minitab Demo

• Quiz

• Summary

• Design of Experiments

• Factorial Design in Minitab Demo

• Conclusion

• Quiz

• Summary

• Common Pitfalls while Analyzing Data

• Quiz

• Summary


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