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Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 MOS Exam Prep


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Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 MOS Exam Prep


This course is designed for personnel to take on PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint 2019.


Basic knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint is essential with the following pre-requisites:

• Have attended Microsoft PowerPoint and Foundation Intermediate Level; OR

• create and manage presentations

• insert and format shapes and slides

• create slide content

• apply transitions and animations

• manage multiple presentations


This program will be conducted with demo based on exam questions and practical test.


Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to prepare themselves for exam

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Module 1: Manage presentations

Modify slide masters, handout masters, and note masters

• change the slide master theme or background
• modify slide master content
• create slide layouts
• modify slide layouts
• modify the handout master
• modify the notes master

Change presentation options and views
• change slide size
• display presentations in different views
• set basic file properties

Configure print settings for presentations
• print all or part of a presentation
• print notes pages
• print handouts
• print in color, grayscale, or black and white

Configure and present slide shows
• create custom slide shows
• configure slide show options
• rehearse slide show timing
• set up slide show recording options
• present slide shows by using Presenter View

Prepare presentations for collaboration
• mark presentations as final
• protect presentations by using passwords
• inspect presentations for issues
• add and manage comments
• preserve presentation content
• export presentations to other formats

Module 2: Manage slides

Insert slides

• import Word document outlines

• insert slides from another presentation

• insert slides and select slide layouts

• insert Summary Zoom slides

• duplicate slides

Modify slides

• hide and unhide slides

• modify individual slide backgrounds

• insert slide headers, footers, and page numbers

Order and group slides

• create sections

• modify slide order

• rename sections

Module 3: Insert and format text, shapes, and images

Format text

• apply formatting and styles to text

• format text in multiple columns

• create bulleted and numbered lists

Insert links

• insert hyperlinks

• insert Section Zoom links and Slide Zoom links

Insert and format images

• resize and crop images

• apply built-in styles and effects to images

• insert screenshots and screen clippings

Insert and format graphic elements

• insert and change shapes

• draw by using digital ink

• add text to shapes and text boxes

• resize shapes and text boxes

• format shapes and text boxes

• apply built-in styles to shapes and text boxes

• add alt text to graphic elements for accessibility

Order and group objects on slides

• order shapes, images, and text boxes

• align shapes, images, and text boxes

• group shapes and images

• display alignment tools

Module 4: Insert tables, charts, smartArt, 3D models, and media

Insert and format tables

• create and insert tables

• insert and delete table rows and columns

• apply built-in table styles

• Insert and modify charts

• create and insert charts

• modify charts

Insert and format SmartArt graphics

• insert SmartArt graphics

• convert lists to SmartArt graphics

• add and modify SmartArt graphic content

Insert and modify 3D models

• insert 3D models

• modify 3D models

Insert and manage media

• insert audio and video clips

• create and insert screen recordings

• configure media playback options

Module 5: Apply transitions and animations

Apply and configure slide transitions

• apply basic and 3D slide transitions

• configure transition effects

Animate slide content

• animate text and graphic elements

• animate 3D models

• configure animation effects

• configure animation paths

• reorder animations on a slide

Set timing for transitions

• set transition effect duration

• configure transition start and finish option

Jarina Muhamad Ismail

Jarina Muhamad Ismail

Since 2005, Jarina is involved in delivering learning programmes for Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook, Access, Word, Publisher and Visio. As a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in all versions (2003-2013), she is using her expertise to provide timely solutions to the end-user which ranges from basic to advanced level including power users. She has experience in training and coaching various teams of professionals like executives, engineers, managers and directors to organize, analyze, create report and present business data more efficiently.
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