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Linux Training Course - Simplilearn

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Course Details

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The major focus of the Linux Training Course are as follows:

• Delve into the fundamentals of Linux and learn important command-line tools and utilities.
• Practical, real-world examples that will help you get acquainted with the fundamentals of Linux
• Explore important Linux learning concepts such as virtualization, the command-line, bash shell scripts, and troubleshooting

• Freshers, professionals with a desire to learn about Linux

• People thinking about a career as a Linux system administrator or engineer, but need to understand the basics first

There are no prerequisite for the course. This course can be taken up by anyone who wants to learn Linux.

• Explore how to Install Linux, work with VirtualBox, and install CentOS 7 in VirtualBox

• Comprehend important command-line tools and utilities

• Learn to navigate the Linux filesystem, and work with files

• Understand how to search, create file and user group permissions, and edit files


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• The Course Overview

• Introducing Concepts of Virtualization
• Installing CentOS 7 in Virtualbox
• How to work with Virtualbox
• Connect to Your VM Through SSH

• Working with Commands

• File Globbing

• Quoting Commands

• Getting Help in the Command Line

• Working in the Shell Efficiently

• Streams, Redirects, and Pipes

• Regular Expressions and grep

• The sed Command

• The Awk Command

• Navigating the Linux Filesystem

• Working with Files

• How to Work with File Links

• Searching for Files

• Working with Users and Groups

• Working with File Permissions

• Working and Viewing Text Files in Linux

• The VIM Text Editor

• Essential Linux Commands

• Additional Linux Programs

• Processes

• Signals

• How to Work with Bash Shell Variables

• Introduction to Bash Shell Scripting

• Introduction to Bash Shell Scripting 2

• How to Automate Script Execution

• Basic Networking Concepts

• Basic Networking Concepts 2

• Install New Software and Update the System

• Introduction to Services

• Basic System Troubleshooting and Firewalling

• Introducing ACL

• Setuid, Setgid, and Sticky Bit


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